Sunday, November 16, 2008

well this weekend turned out very differently than planned. we had another trip planned to whidbey, and found out the day that we were supposed to leave, that we were not. oma had her dr's apt on wednesday and they ended up admitting her. her leg/foot/incision that was looking almost wonderful 5 days prior took a turn. the vein collapsed. her wound was looking more and more open the last week and this is why. after a day or so, it started to look a bit better then it got a lot worse. she has MRSA a dangerous form of staph, and is now trying to fight that. on the upside i think lanna pretty much has a plan.

lanna: mommy, is omie sick again?

me: yes, she is in the hospital so they can make her better

lanna: what she needs is me.

me: yes, that is exaclty what she needs. she loves you very much. you make her happy.

lanna: yes! i do make her happy, AND i am a really good doctor. i would make her leg feel better, because i think i can fix a cat. i am good with cats, so i could bring omie somehting magical and make her feel as good as a cat.


Sweetest Petula said...

I would like to borrow her please. I need a hit of Lannaness.