Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the nightly routine

it has become routine to us, but when told to others, it seems not so 'routine'.
we all have the little things that we do on a nightly basis before we go to bed. i am going to share mine. lanna's mainly.
8pm hits and we are usually working on something. i am usually wrapping up orders or replying to convo's in etsy. as 8pm closes in i keep glancing at the clock as if i can stop time. once it is 8, it is time to fill babies belly the rest of the way and fix her some hot cocoa. she gets a very small cup full of chocolate instant breakfast. not every night, but most. this takes away any cheese cracker cravings later on. as soon as we say "ok, lets get ready for bed" she starts to get all crazy and run around and show us her best tricks. you know, watch this! ...i can stand on one foot! hey, watch this, i can sit on my train, hey i know..let's see if i can knock all of my guys off the table at the same time. and it goes on and on. TO BED. NOW. TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF.

the clothes come off and the jamies are on.
she then throws herself on the floor and says "carry me like a lammie"
i am pretty sure that no lamb under any circumstance gets carried this way, but i was not the one who made up the move, ok?
then nathan scoops her limp self off the ground and she says "who wants to pet the lammie?"
i then have to say "i do, i do!" and then pet her a few times.
we then put her to bed and maybe 3 times a week or so i will warm up her *buggie in the dryer.

after she is in bed you will hear various questions.

is is raining outside?
why does my leg hurt?
can i have a sip of water?
is it show and tell tomorrow?
we still have juice boxes right?
is there school tomorrow?
do we have enough banana's?

you get the jist.


home2k9 Alpha said...

Always has been a good sleep-staller, that one. Someday those questions will become "was that an earthquake, I think it was an earthquake" or "did you do the taxes, it's really important to do the taxes" and "I forgot to put stain remover on my favorite shirt, somebody needs to put stain remover on it right away!"

CutieFruity/TaylorFam said...

It's so hilarious to capture these little things. I keep a journal with all my kids' funny quotes and stuff. Thanks for sharing that story. it takes me right there into your home and i can picture all the details of your 8pm hour. great post.