Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy birthday my love!

new years day is nathan's birthday around here. we do celebrate, but for him. we will be celebrating all weekend (we work friday) and then will resume in the spring. it's hard to really get out and do things and celebrate the way we should in the winter. since nathan and i are both turning 3o this year, the festivities will continue into the spring. i love you more and more every day and i hope you have a wonderful birthday. we will most likely be batteling the question before breakfast:
do we eat red velvet cake or bacon? ok, both.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

snow. might as well look pretty in it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

santa tracker

last year we enjoyed tracking santa in real time. this year, she loved it even that much more.
if you have never tracked santa, keep this for next year, it's so exciting. when santa reaches the US, it's time for bed-and she obliged. she was snoring in 5 mn, which i still cannot believe. it was hours until i would fall asleep and i felt like i was going to throw up the whole time. she is so much cooler then i am. santa tracker

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the santa express

at the downtown mall they set up a santa express for children to shop. an elf comes to take the kids back and they can pick out whatever they want for the individuals on their lists. lanna had so much fun and we did too just waiting for her. here are a few photo's from the process.

excited and waiting in line

well, look at that. out of all the letters in the alphabet, she gets clipboard "L"

waiting for an elf to come and take her away.

more waiting for the elf

please don't tell her i spied on here while wrapping things.

down the 'aligator' the baby goes.

i heart zicam

this stuff is the best stuff ever.
way better then airborne, ect...
it comes in many forms. sprays, melt tabs and swabs.
i prefer swabs. i don't have to eat or smell anything this way. it's just a wet little swab that you rub in your nose and wala...done. repeat a couple of times a day. i get rid of anything i may have coming on with this and i use it on lanna too. less often for kids, but there are kid versions too. this stuff is the best. i used when i took the tablets it made me a little queezy. its a ZINC tab, or stick and a lot of zinc in your body at once can make you feel a little ick for about 5 mn or so. i don't get that feeling at all with the swab. you can find these babies pretty much anywhere. i get them at target or safeway. they are highly recommended with flu season coming up. a few months back nathan and i got a really bad head cold. lanna woke up with a fever and a bad cough. i started swabbing her often and she completely got rid of hers by the next day. we were still sick and she was A-OK. she is often the only one in her class that does not get sick. if you already have symptoms it shortens them dramatically-but you need to catch it in the first 48 hours of feeling it. if it's already been a week, it's too late. this stuff circles my work constantly. we will buy a costco box of them and people can use them as they need to. I LOVE IT.
i print off a coupon every time i need more.
you can too!

Monday, December 22, 2008

presents are expensive

i reeeeally need some money out of my piggy bank

why? what do you need to buy?

nothing. i just need it.

no, i think we should just leave your money in there

but i really need it. i need to leave it on the table for santa. presents are expensive.

what's hot today?

never mind the fact that it has not stopped snowing since yesterday morning. but what's hot today is the 4 foot berm the snowplow made at midnight last night completely blocking us in. since it was done last night, the berm now feels like a solid block of ice. no one send gifts or cards, please send us your axe.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

snow, part deux

i'd say we got about 3-4 more inches last night. nothing major. jeeze, at this point, what's another inch? today is the first day of winter, and thank dog it made it. i mean, what was yesterday? what was last last week? was this photo below taken in the midst of fall? why yes it was. yesterday was fall and today is winter. the best part about today is:
it's ANN's BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday beautiful!

driveway area

side yard and 8 foot fence

nathan carved out a path around the house

evil water sticks
this is the front yard and the 4 foot fence.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

it's a bit nippy out!

i wanted to put her in the deep end, but it was just too cold. it's dare i say it...negative 6 right now and beautifully SUNNY!!! fine by me! here is a cute baby in the shallow end of the snow.
bad parenting 101.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow belongs in cones!

well, this day was a total waste of makeup.
most of you know that i don't like snow. nope, not really at all. i don't like to be cold and i have never had a job that is just ok with me having a snow day. it's really bad. today spokane hit the most snowfall in a 24 hour period ever. we are well into hour 32 of continuous snowfall. the streets are lined with cars that are stuck as well as accidents. it is a different kind of snow this time, it is pure powder. no moisture to it, so this is why it is piling up so easily. we have 22" in the front yard. we have 3 steps that lead to the front porch and you cannot tell that we have steps, the snow comes up to the level of the porch.

when we woke up this morning we knew we had to get up early and try to dig ourselves out of the driveway. we started digging shortly after 6 and at 8:30, we realized this was not working. i got out of the driveway, but our road was un traveled and about 3feet of snow surrounded us. i got stuck right in the middle of the road and it took 30 mn or so, to get back into the driveway. jodi from work was in the area rounding up others, and she was nice enough to come get me. chef dave drove me home, and i was all safe and warm by 3:30 this afternoon. it is worse now. we had a truck come and attempt to plow it, and they got stuck. many things out of the norm are closed and canceled. obviously all of the schools are canceled, but for the first time here, they canceled mail service due to weather. banks are closed. banks! people are stranded, have no groceries and cant even get money out. it has been so cold this last week that most ATM's that are outdoors, are no longer working. nathan had to make 3 stops to find one that would dispense money. the malls closed, and they asked that no cars be on the road unless you are a snowplow or a firetruck. i guess today i was a firetruck. loomis canceled their routes! (that is the armored truck that brings businesses their money) i don't know what we are going to do tomorrow for building our cash bags. no matter what happens and how bad it gets, loomis is always running. and they canceled their routes today. we see that seattle is bad as well. it just seems that we are sharing most of our weather qualities this year. poop on it. all of it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

holy moly!

thank you everyone for keeping me so busy!
i hit 800 sales the weekend of thanksgiving, and today i hit 900!

man oh mighty. i have been a packaging machine from the time i get home to midnight.

i don't have time for this whole 'day job' thing anymore, i think i need to quit immediately.

ooooh, wouldn't that be grand. wink.

etsy has just been hopping! this is great news, becasue that means that people are buying handmade, and that ROCKS. thank you everyone. the first person to post a comment here will get a lip balm sent to them. go!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

december giveaway winner!!!

this was fun. you guys had some great crappy gifts.
this was the ol' draw of the hat bit.
we have a great december winner!
THE WINNER is going to receive this beautiful aqua quartz necklace on the chain of her choice!
way to go!
happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

this just in!

new! the darkest of them all.
pomegranate grapefruit lip tint
with a bit of shimmer.
oooh la la!

santa's list and my weekend

this is lanna on the sky bridge in the downtown mall when we went to the santa express.

i can't really think of anything i want.
this generally happens yearly leaving my husband scratching his head. we had decided this year that we are going to not do more then stockings for each other and just get a few things for lanna. she does not make this any easier either. if you ask she what she wants for christmas, she will reply with a "i don't know." we finally got out of her last week that she would like some thomas train toys. she is so happy with just about anything, and that makes it really fun. she can recall where each and every one of her things came from and who gave it to her. she by far has a way better memory than i do. clearly. she remembrs exactly what was in her stocking last year and with the pile of presents she got she can place them all to a name. she reminds me of the little kid in the velveteen rabbit. all of her things are that special to her. they all have a name and a story.

nathan and i finally decided that we would do just a few small gifts for each other, because i found him something and got it. :) AND our electricity company sent us a $300. check!! as a refund for using less power this year. SCORE. the only thing i can think of that i need is bead containers. how exciting. and i have a lot, but you know, as soon as the new one is full (and that takes about 20 mn) you need another one. basically anytime i go bead shopping i need a new one.

this has been a very productive weekend. lots and lots of lip balm making. i got in my order of 400 tubes and it's nearly gone. whew! on the upside, it smells great in here! it's white here. just a dusting is left, we had some rain yesterday. i just stepped outside to paint something. GREAT IDEA. i am thinking MY GOD it's cold. i mean, the cold that hurts. it was dang cold last night, and i just looked at my little thermometer. well, it feels cold because it's THREE degrees. and it said it was -4 when i woke up. all this week its supposed to be in the negatives. great. just great. i wanted to get out there and take some of our holiday photo's but all i can do is say the F word when i walk outside, so scratch that. * i have since pulled indoors the spray painted item and we are all currently breathing in toxic fumes and having coffee. it smells like pure gasoline. ok, onto making things. if i can. i think i feel a brain tumor coming on. wish me luck. i promise photos SOON! you see, it's dark when i come home so that puts a damper on that stuff.
ok, this is me leaving now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

this is what a clean baby looks like after they use
sweet petula soap.
this particular baby used ruby grapefruit for her body and oatmeal and lavender for her tired feet.
this is what a baby looks like if they have to use store bought soap. cute, but dirty and unhappy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

interview with lanna

i love the answers kids will give you when you ask them thoughtful questions. here is lanna's interview

Q: how does santa get into your house when he comes to visit in the night?
A: well, he opens the door and comes on in. and leaves me presents where i sleep.

Q: what is on your christmas list this year?
A: i don't know. train toys i think...

Q: if anyone could come over right now, who would you have over?
A: lijah

Q: what does daddy do at work?
A: weeeel, he writes notes. checks his email, thinks about me, has lunch and then brings me home a snack

Q: if you could make tea right now, and ANY kind what kind would you make?
A: chocolate chip tea with whipped cream.

Q: what should you do to bad guys?
A: robots need to put them in jail

Q: what are you most thankful for?
A: tigress from kung fu panda.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

i just dont know what it is...

about sea horses.
i am mesmerized by them. is it because they illuminate so beautiful at the aquarium? is it that they are flawless in motion while going about their life? or, i know. is it because they are the only male species to carry the baby? who knows. they are perfect, i love them and i need one.
i came across this little cuite today and just sat there for a good 5 mn and just starred. look at him! what do you think his name is? you can find him here at snaulkter's shop.

Friday, December 5, 2008

you have to get in on this!

All Sweet Petula handmade bath & body care is BUY 2 items...get 1 Free! First 25 customers each day will receive a Sweet Petula lottery ticket...and of course each ticket has a fabulous prize! (some valued at over $100) Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-5 Shop on Saturday for a huge selection of Cashmere goodies from Haute Goat. (nothing over $39...100% cashmere!)
i personally would love nothing more in my stocking. i use SP soap daily and can't get enough.
hint hint santa.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


this is a really exciting one!

it's a best seller that i have and i am sure you will just love it!

it is a 12mm aqua faceted quartz on your choice of chain. AND you can pick your length!! gets better...when you enter, if you post this on your blog...the winner can pick any other person who has left a comment to win one too!! this will be short lived, because if you win it and want to give it as a christmas present, you will get it in time. how awesome is that?!

you will have your choice of

copper chain, sterling silver chain, or blackened silver chain and any length.

* to enter

post a comment here and tell me the craziest thing you have ever gotten for xmas and who it was from. and by crazy, i mean "oh really? you shouldn't have. seriously."

i have a good one. :)
the winner will be announced on Monday December 15th.
something good has to come out of a monday right?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a few new things!

so, i just got done with my first batch of lip plumping balms! they are a spicy pepperminty blend of peppermint oil and clove oil. this batch has no color and will go great under your favorite lipstick, gloss or of course au naturale. $3
* i just hit my 800th sale today on etsy!

also, don't forget! i am at the vintage at spokane bazaar this saturday from 10am-4pm. come stop by if you are in the area

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

look! look! a great christmas contest!

lovely jessica from babyhoot is doing a rad contest. i love this movie, so it was easy for me. if you re not familiar with it, make your best guess. i am sure the answers that are guessed will be just as entertaining. head on over there to play.

Monday, December 1, 2008

weekend photo's

we were lucky enough to get nathalie and nadine for the day on sunday. lanna's get's few and these are our girls of choice! good company. we worked on some projects, went to riverfront park and rode the carousel a few times. this is a great time of year for the carousel. they for ego the regular (although wonderful) carousel music for christmas tunes! it's super. after a few times on the ol' horsies we headed out and walked around the park. here are a few pics of the girls. it was wet and rainy, so we did the best we could with the 'playing'.

Check Spelling


you have lanna to thank for this one. i let her do the ol'e pick a number and she was sure about her choice. she pointed to a name and then when i pulled up the blog she said "oh, she is beautiful". and was still happy with her choice. so we went with it and i am happy to announce that sarah marie p. from sarah said won the great 7 giveaway! congrats to sarah and all of you that commented. it was a great turnout! i will be putting up the new giveaway very very soon, and it will end earlier so if you win you will be able to give it as a gift for christmas. i know. fantastic idea eh? i will have the new one up by tomorrow. and remember, when you post it on your blog, you get an extra special surprise! sarah, let me know if it's on your blog!