Sunday, March 29, 2009

happy spring everyone!

i am not quite ready for an update, so you have to wait a little longer. i do want to say, happy spring and my etsy shop is now open. i am yet to get the newer things listed, but i assure you i will. i am writing to you from my new basement that is alllllll miiiiiiine.
i wish these were my tulips, mine are still 1" tall and trying. i say "trying" because it snowed today. not cool spring, not cool.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

moving day!

not our u-haul, but still a tad funny.
it's finally here.
friday. friday is moving day. today nathan and i worked a short day and then headed to pick up the me-haul truck. once we picked it up, we made a few stops here in town for some furniture pieces that we had picked out. we came home and loaded up about 40 boxes, the couch, table, lanna's room and some other stuff. i'd say half of the place is in the truck and we have another hour (maybe 2) or so tomorrow to get the rest in. the crappy part is hauling the boxes from the attic down. NOT looking forward to that. however...bring it on! we will get our call tomorrow to come sign our life away again and then we will get the keys. we wanted to have the truck filled, so we can immediately drive there and mark out territory. pee on the grass? what? no! nothing like that. maybe spit on the sidewalk.

lanna will be in school, so we hope to get a great deal done before we have to go get her. we have things to pick up like locks for the garage, shutters for the garage and a mailbox. we will still come back here and check the mail until march 31st. however we have activated the 'change of address' with the usps already. rest assured, mail will find me. (aunt doreen, your card came today and THANK YOU!!!) lanna's school is just a few blocks from here, so we will be in and out until the end of the month. last minute cleaning...things like that. ok, off to bed. i have a big day tomorrow with it being the first day of spring and all...:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Thursday, March 12, 2009

i promise...

random cute photo
i'm not trying to ditch my blog. i swear.
with all this packing and cleaning, i just feel tired. and no one likes to hear about that, so i'm not going to tell you about it. we've all heard it a million times. so...until i no longer feel like a bag of sand, i won't be doing short updates like i had originally planned. (i whine on facebook, not on here)

however i will tell you where we are.
we had the appraisal done and as soon as that gets submitted to the bank, things will start to circulate again. we called comcast today to have our service transferred. i know it's a love hate thing with most people, but i have to say comcast is very good to us. they love us in fact. we get lots of new things and extra stuff, just because they love us. i think we have been with them for 13 years or so now. they let us pick our date and time and if we need to change it because the close date gets pushed back, that's ok too. that's a load off.

saturday, not looking so hot. it's an 'open house' for us, and our landlord will be here and so will strangers. not lovely. anywhoo, i am on path to going to bed early. i intend to keep it, or i can only imagine i will get myself a timeout. have a lovely evening! off to dry my hair...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

welcome baby malaina makino!
march 10th 9:21pm

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

two great lanna quotes.

"sometimes i like it, and sometimes i don't like it. today, i like it."
-lanna, on just about anything.

"can you carry me? i have been walking so much that my thumb hurts really bad"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

spokane pups need a home

Friday, March 6, 2009

starting to pack...

so, this whole packing thing has really gotten lanna confused.
she needs constant reassurance that we will not forget her things. i will blog more on this later but the best thing i have heard her say was yesterday and she just asked again. it must be very important.
she is in bed and calls to me.

lanna: mommy...i have a question!

me: ok, hold on. i will be in there in a mn.

lanna: it's a really important one...hurry!

now, i am thinking ok, she left her creamsicle out here somewhere...let me try to find h...
lanna: mommy hurry!

me: okok. what is it lanna?

lanna: we are going to take our gatorade with us RIGHT!?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

saint patty's day celebration treasury!

click me! click me!
look! i'm in a treasury with Guinness!
studiocherie created this fun one. now go click on it. click click click!

Monday, March 2, 2009

time for a little break

this beautiful pink cosmo was made for me by hansie pants.

after a super crud -filled day it hit me that i need to take a break on lip balm. it's becoming difficult to keep up and it's sucking up every bit of time that i have when i come home. great, yes. but come on, i need a wee break. i pulled all of the lip balm from my shop and i will resume making and selling in april-when hopefully and i cringe when i say this...i will have more space. i hate just having a few scents avaliable, and i dont have the energy to make more right now. so, there you have it. call it a short hiatus if you will. wink. and yes, it really will be back.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sweetpetula and i in the same treasury!

look how pretty!