Thursday, November 27, 2008

wow, i am posting a lot tonight.

just wait until tomorrow. this is nothing. i am home all day tomorrow, most likely right on the couch listing like crazy and hopefully selling too.
look at these few things that i have listed tonight.


i just opened up etsy and i was on the front page twice at the same time!
i was under gift guides 'gifts under $20 and gifts 'for her'.
how awesome is that?
the starfish earrings and the smoky topaz briolettes are mine.

ok, let's just get this out of the way...

sprouts. add the brussell of you want, i choose not too.
this is what i wanted to do after the november giveaway was over, but i want to do it now.
look how pretty they are. seriously, these things can taste good. i promise.
i cut the ends off and leaf each one. after you have a nice pile of sprout leaves, i steam them for 2 minutes. not a second more. they are a bright spring green color and they will keep that beautiful color. they are not at all mushy or gushy. they are tender and have the slightest crunch.
i make a white wine cream sauce to drizzle over them when they are done. i dare you to try it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the nightly routine

it has become routine to us, but when told to others, it seems not so 'routine'.
we all have the little things that we do on a nightly basis before we go to bed. i am going to share mine. lanna's mainly.
8pm hits and we are usually working on something. i am usually wrapping up orders or replying to convo's in etsy. as 8pm closes in i keep glancing at the clock as if i can stop time. once it is 8, it is time to fill babies belly the rest of the way and fix her some hot cocoa. she gets a very small cup full of chocolate instant breakfast. not every night, but most. this takes away any cheese cracker cravings later on. as soon as we say "ok, lets get ready for bed" she starts to get all crazy and run around and show us her best tricks. you know, watch this! ...i can stand on one foot! hey, watch this, i can sit on my train, hey i know..let's see if i can knock all of my guys off the table at the same time. and it goes on and on. TO BED. NOW. TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF.

the clothes come off and the jamies are on.
she then throws herself on the floor and says "carry me like a lammie"
i am pretty sure that no lamb under any circumstance gets carried this way, but i was not the one who made up the move, ok?
then nathan scoops her limp self off the ground and she says "who wants to pet the lammie?"
i then have to say "i do, i do!" and then pet her a few times.
we then put her to bed and maybe 3 times a week or so i will warm up her *buggie in the dryer.

after she is in bed you will hear various questions.

is is raining outside?
why does my leg hurt?
can i have a sip of water?
is it show and tell tomorrow?
we still have juice boxes right?
is there school tomorrow?
do we have enough banana's?

you get the jist.

thanksgiving is just a few days away!
i am so very excited. i just love spending the holidays with the 3 of us.
it's quiet, entertaining and the best part is we can do whatever we want! nathan and i both have a long weekend, which really never happens and i am looking forward to it.
we went to whidbey this last weekend to take care of oma. it was another short trip where yet again we were not able to see our dear friends, and i am sorry sorry sorry. (please believe me)
oma is slowly getting over being non-compliant and keeping her butt in the chair while she heals. i just hope she does this time.

i have been busy busy busy with orders, creations and getting ready for the holidays!
i have a ton of special orders that i have been working on and dec. 6th i am doing a christmas show here in spokane. it is
The Vintage at Spokane.
at a brand new senior community on the northside
If you are in the area, please come see all the wonderful local artists.

Monday, November 17, 2008

in case you live under a rock

since the famous omeltteville and homelessville, and the HUGE hit of dick in a box hit, america has been wanting more. you know what thanksgiving means to me? JT on SNL. and i look forward to it every year. this year he had to cancel and still somehow managed not to disapoint. here is this the skit that JT did last week. i love this man.

make sure to watch him as beyonce's back up dancer as well. delicious.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

well this weekend turned out very differently than planned. we had another trip planned to whidbey, and found out the day that we were supposed to leave, that we were not. oma had her dr's apt on wednesday and they ended up admitting her. her leg/foot/incision that was looking almost wonderful 5 days prior took a turn. the vein collapsed. her wound was looking more and more open the last week and this is why. after a day or so, it started to look a bit better then it got a lot worse. she has MRSA a dangerous form of staph, and is now trying to fight that. on the upside i think lanna pretty much has a plan.

lanna: mommy, is omie sick again?

me: yes, she is in the hospital so they can make her better

lanna: what she needs is me.

me: yes, that is exaclty what she needs. she loves you very much. you make her happy.

lanna: yes! i do make her happy, AND i am a really good doctor. i would make her leg feel better, because i think i can fix a cat. i am good with cats, so i could bring omie somehting magical and make her feel as good as a cat.

sugared cranberry earrings

these were very popular last year, so i decided to bring sexy back.
they are different than last years, and look oh so delicious! you see, the nice thing about these little cranberries is that- if you are not a a huge fan of the real thing, no one will make you eat them. these are one of the beads that i get from holland, so they will be limited in quantity as i will not be able to get these babies here fast enough. these are already selling fast!
get cranberried while you can!
these are listed for $12

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

it's A GIRL!!!

(most likely) is what the dr. said anyway.
it seems like the more medically advanced we get, the more the sex of the baby becomes iffy. why is that? anyhoo...
my BFF is expecting my niece in march. hopefully on my birthday! i believe she is due like 5 days later, but i can hope can't i?
congratulations to my favorite doot and ralph!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


holy moly. that snuck up fast. it was just october.
this is a fun giveaway! i am giving away 7 lip balms!
all you have to do to enter is tell me
one vegetable that you absolutely hate.
mine? steamed cauliflower.
i came up with this tonight when we were out to dinner. i saw a photo of steamed cauliflower and thought, wow, that's probably the only vegetable
i really don't like. i can probably eat it raw better, but not cooked. ok...go for it!!
the drawing will be on sunday night NOVEMBER 30th.

vintage chrysanthemum rings. these little vintage flowers come from holland
and they will not last long!
these are sent on antiqued brass adjustable bands.
i will be listing the same flowers on hair pins as well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

just your basic little saturday.

nathan got home at midnight last night from a catering at work. 7:10 am lanna comes slinking into our room all groggy and tired, as were we hence the whole being awake until midnight thing. you see, we are like senior citizens. we go to bed early-ish and watch some delicious television and then go to sleep. so, the whole 7 am wake up call with such "little" sleep was horrid. it felt like a hangover really. i had a few things planned today and thought i'd get an early start on them. projects, chapstick, work...ect. after finishing a few of the projects and a few hours trying to wake up (and let me tell you, my attitude was less than perfect) the time really flew buy. i had the idea to start a load of clothes, stripped the bed, piled the laundry room full of clothes to be washed and threw in my first load.

what's that sound? the washer sounds weird.'s not draining. i restarted the cycle, and tried again. nothing. i hear water but i can't see anything. i restarted it again. nothing. finally i got it to spin and i got the clothes out of there as fast as i could and threw them into the tub and sat there gazing into the washer waiting for it to explode. and yes, when it exploded i wanted my face directly into it. ugh. i don't have time for this i say. i have a sweet petula order to label and a studio cheri order that i need to package up. what gives. well, let me tell you what gives. the hose. the freakin hose that the washer is hooked up to. ever been to the crystal geyser? i have. today. in my bathroom. water water everywhere i sang. wheeeeeee! i said....wheeeeee!

actually, i used completely different words and i feel bad for lanna and her future vocabulary. not pretty. so nathan sat on top of the dryer with the hose kinked like a garden hose because that's what got the water to stop. it was harder than hell to pull the 90 year old dryer out. it took us nearly 30 mn. it's in a little alcove and there is a lip on the wall that makes it hard to just pull it right out. blah blah blah...40 entire minutes of water spraying everywhere (HOT HOT WATER)
and one of us holding the damn hose and the other one running around trying to find a tool to pry the knob that was unreachable and tight. (more word vomit here) finally, we got the water to stop. we noticed that there had been a hole blasted in the wall where the water that we heard for an approximate entire hour while the clothes washed. awesome. water damage. hopefully mold!

after that shenanigan i layed down and found myself fast asleep. i woke up an hour later to find lanna asleep on her floor and nathan sleeping on the couch. the house was quiet and lanna and i woke up first. her and i went to the mall to the sprint store to have my phone looked at that apparently crapped out today. weird, she tells me. palm's are the most reliable phone on the market. i just don't know what to tell you. fix it, i say. please please fix it. they directed me to the store in the valley where they have a small Vietnamese man in the back who is "mr. fixit". he can fix anything they say. lanna and i travel back to the house to get daddy to take us there and we make it to the sprint store and they say "ma'am, i'm afraid i have bad news. i have never seen this before, palm's are the best phone on the market" yes, you keep saying that. i agree. may i have another? yes. they grant me my wish. for just an arm and a leg we can have your new phone shipped here. perfect i say. the best part is, it's on SPRAGUE. if you do not live in spokane you will not know that SPRAGUE is "whore avenue". since nathan will be in utah next week i get to travel whore avenue all by myself. sprague is much like china town at nighttime by yourself.

since most of you are skimming by now, as i do, you barely read any of this. so yay! saturday rocked and that's all you need to know. insert margarita here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

on the crazier side

i have many requests for children's birthday parties, reunions, ect.. that i make lip balm in more 'usual' kid scents. i will be adding some of these this weekend! they are fun and i am now doing customizable labels. and i will print anything you want on them. yes anything. i had a fun bunch here locally for a batchlorette party. i won't tell you what they said. use your imiganaiton.
for the kid in you, or for you actual kid, i will be listing

sweet orange
chocolate bar
cherry limeaide
and for more of the adult in you i am working on
gloss. much like the tints, but more gloss for your fancy self!
also new scents in balm are going to be

vanilla bean (with real beautiful beans in it!)
ginger lime
honey tangerine
tangerine lime
chocolate coconut
fresh lemon
vanilla pear

the phone rings early. it's nathan's work. the registers are frozen and they need a number to call.

lanna: mommy, who is he talking to?

me: it's his work. there's TROUBLE (in a weird detective voice)

lanna : gasp! oh no! im just a baby!

me: i know you are.

lanna: remember...anytime there is just a baby.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

thank dog.
now i can get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

na na na na na na na na na na batmaaaaaaaan!

it's been an odd past few months, lanna's birthday came and went as did halloween. i just was not really feeling it this year. we have a few halloween decorations but i never put them out, we bought a pumpkin and never carved it. why? who knows. but halloween night was perfect. unfortunately i worked up until the second of our festivities but it was all worth it. i got very few photo's even though i took a ton. it was dark...duh. and the night consisted of very small and agile kids running and screaming NEXT!!!! this was pretty much lanna's first year for trick-or treating. i mean, we have done the mall thing, but that was just with her parents and come on. seriously? this year we went with nathalie and nadine (also batgirls). everyone had their own version of the costume and they could not have been cuter. i just love those girls. my friend shelly, asked her mom of we could all come over and use her house as a bat cave. she was very sweet and hosted us perfectly. we had pizza, ice cream cake and blood juice. after our bellies were full we headed out into her very nice neighborhood. this was the "full size candy bar" type of neighborhood and i never expected that. man we have a lot of candy to take out back and bury. after the night was over we headed home to watch our disgustingly addictive favorite show. ghost hunters. on halloween night they had a several hour live feed show that we watched. and then bam, it was over. halloween is gone and thanksgiving here we come! and can you believe...just 53 DAYS until christmas?? i am actually quite excited for our thanksgiving plans this year.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

we have a winner!!

happy halloween everyone.
i hope that everyone had a great halloween and was safe but got lots of good yummies.
my october giveaway was a really fun one! we got 19 entries and the winner was selected at random by my lovely husband. i am excited for the winner! she is a member of the eastern washington etsy street team and oh so sweet.
congratulations to paula from cutie fruity!! paula had ordered some lip balm a few weeks back and her adorable kids at it. we reaplaced it immediately and i sure hope this lovely necklace does not taste as delicious as the fresh lime lip balm did. way to go paula!
i will be adding my november giveaway very very soon!