Saturday, November 8, 2008

just your basic little saturday.

nathan got home at midnight last night from a catering at work. 7:10 am lanna comes slinking into our room all groggy and tired, as were we hence the whole being awake until midnight thing. you see, we are like senior citizens. we go to bed early-ish and watch some delicious television and then go to sleep. so, the whole 7 am wake up call with such "little" sleep was horrid. it felt like a hangover really. i had a few things planned today and thought i'd get an early start on them. projects, chapstick, work...ect. after finishing a few of the projects and a few hours trying to wake up (and let me tell you, my attitude was less than perfect) the time really flew buy. i had the idea to start a load of clothes, stripped the bed, piled the laundry room full of clothes to be washed and threw in my first load.

what's that sound? the washer sounds weird.'s not draining. i restarted the cycle, and tried again. nothing. i hear water but i can't see anything. i restarted it again. nothing. finally i got it to spin and i got the clothes out of there as fast as i could and threw them into the tub and sat there gazing into the washer waiting for it to explode. and yes, when it exploded i wanted my face directly into it. ugh. i don't have time for this i say. i have a sweet petula order to label and a studio cheri order that i need to package up. what gives. well, let me tell you what gives. the hose. the freakin hose that the washer is hooked up to. ever been to the crystal geyser? i have. today. in my bathroom. water water everywhere i sang. wheeeeeee! i said....wheeeeee!

actually, i used completely different words and i feel bad for lanna and her future vocabulary. not pretty. so nathan sat on top of the dryer with the hose kinked like a garden hose because that's what got the water to stop. it was harder than hell to pull the 90 year old dryer out. it took us nearly 30 mn. it's in a little alcove and there is a lip on the wall that makes it hard to just pull it right out. blah blah blah...40 entire minutes of water spraying everywhere (HOT HOT WATER)
and one of us holding the damn hose and the other one running around trying to find a tool to pry the knob that was unreachable and tight. (more word vomit here) finally, we got the water to stop. we noticed that there had been a hole blasted in the wall where the water that we heard for an approximate entire hour while the clothes washed. awesome. water damage. hopefully mold!

after that shenanigan i layed down and found myself fast asleep. i woke up an hour later to find lanna asleep on her floor and nathan sleeping on the couch. the house was quiet and lanna and i woke up first. her and i went to the mall to the sprint store to have my phone looked at that apparently crapped out today. weird, she tells me. palm's are the most reliable phone on the market. i just don't know what to tell you. fix it, i say. please please fix it. they directed me to the store in the valley where they have a small Vietnamese man in the back who is "mr. fixit". he can fix anything they say. lanna and i travel back to the house to get daddy to take us there and we make it to the sprint store and they say "ma'am, i'm afraid i have bad news. i have never seen this before, palm's are the best phone on the market" yes, you keep saying that. i agree. may i have another? yes. they grant me my wish. for just an arm and a leg we can have your new phone shipped here. perfect i say. the best part is, it's on SPRAGUE. if you do not live in spokane you will not know that SPRAGUE is "whore avenue". since nathan will be in utah next week i get to travel whore avenue all by myself. sprague is much like china town at nighttime by yourself.

since most of you are skimming by now, as i do, you barely read any of this. so yay! saturday rocked and that's all you need to know. insert margarita here.


Sweetest Petula said...

Oh my goodness! Eventful day at your house. Tomorrow will be better. I promise :)

gran family said...

what a sucky day!so sorry. we had a similar problem with our washer once when we re-did the floor and moved everything back in. Too bad I didn't think to turn off the water...

home2k9 Alpha said...

L.A.M.E. So sorry about the washer n'stuff... hope today was better!