Thursday, July 30, 2009

it starts tonight!

i am starting the SIDEWALK SALE tonight, and here are a few brand new items that will be in the shop. i am really starting to dread the end of my ancient roman glass. i came across a strand of "shards" on ebay today for $495.00. i was shocked. it was 11 beads. it really got me thinking. i knew these were special before, but maybe i underestimated them. different websites consider them far more valuable than diamonds, as these are over 2000 years old, and obviously when they are gone, they are gone. i have 7 pieces left and i have to admit, when i sell one- it hurts. i will have a few listed and will hold a few for a later time.

roman glass necklace with quartz
roman glass bracelet
glass bouteille necklace
s u m m e r b l o o m necklace

b u r g a n d y earrings on silver

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ETSY SIDEWALK SALE starts friday july 31st.
come on over for some great deals and lots of new designs!

"i wish i had caterpillar antlers" - lanna

Monday, July 20, 2009

san diego comicon is closing in on me.

what does this mean to me? it means that in three more days i drive my husband to the airport at -now get this, 4am. oh-so-worth-it for him. we aren't attending this giantamous sold out celebrity ridden show. maybe someday. i loose him for three long days. is anyone else out there going? (besides the 150,00 strangers that i know of) this year is their 40th anniversary. nathan is especially excited for the dollhouse panel, but will miss the LOST panel. look at this massive layout. that george lucas. what a space hog. nathan will get to see a few of his friends there as well. daniel and dawna from steamcrow (monster commute comic) have a booth! lucky. i can't wait to see pictures. he better take some.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

some summer activities

swimming lessons

her shining moment, about to get on her first bus. coolest activity ever.
lanna riding buttercup.

lanna and omie at el corral

Sunday, July 12, 2009

such a hot & sunny weekend. it was sunny/overcast off and on today. it looks like it going to rain right now and it's still 80 degrees. how confusing. saturday we got a new patio set. it's a couch style, with 2 big comfy chairs and a coffee table. much more conversational than the other 'new set'. my friend chris and her husband were kind enough to pick it up for us and bring it over to unload it at our house. we finally got out and walked the centennial trail today for the first time in forever. it was perfect. there is this place along the way c.i shenanigans that i have wanted to try since we moved here. no reason, but they have beautiful seating along the trail outdoors. today we finally tried it. we both got the same to.die.for sandwich. it was a fresh piece of grilled french bread that was sliced, buttered and garlicky. it had a cream cheese spread of crab and bay shrimp. it was topped with scallions, tomatoes, onions and melted parmesan & it came with sweet potato fries. i can't stop thinking about it. the whole way back we 'i' kept saying, that was soooooooooooo good! i have to say, i am happy we liked it. i feared that we built it up so much that we were going to hate it. the menu is small and limited, but we sure picked a winner! hope your weekend was nice.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

lanna just made me 2 notes. they are all random letters, but as she handed them to me she said "here, this one says: Never play with salt. and the other one says Never steal candy".
hope you all had a sunny and happy 4th. we did!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th!

we have a fun weekend planned. it's so hot out right now. perfect Popsicle weather. yesterday we caught the ice cream truck for the first time here. we have few plans today, but to just sit and bask in the sun and drink iced tea and have popsicles. tonight at 6 we are headed to the spokane indians firework baseball game. tomorrow...a pig roast! can hardly even stand it. have a fun 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july giveaway!

ok, here it is! it's JULY. can you believe that?
i swear time did not go this fast before.

how about a little something pink for summer?

a cute pair of sea glass finish beads in light pink. below is 2 pieces of oval brass. so very cute!

just post a comment to enter! *if you post this on your blog, there will be an extra surprise if you win!

congrats to jocelyn for last months win!


wow, june came and went so so fast! i have a random winner of the june giveaway!
i am happy to announce that Jocelyn won! thank you to callista for referring her. i will get another giveaway up and have at it. way to go you big winner!