Sunday, July 19, 2009

some summer activities

swimming lessons

her shining moment, about to get on her first bus. coolest activity ever.
lanna riding buttercup.

lanna and omie at el corral


Anonymous said...

Gosh - Oma looks great!! She must be staying healthy!!!!
Lena has been dying to ride a school bus! She counts them every morning on the way to school. So...does Lanna ride a school bus to swimming lessons?? - I don't get it?? We signed Lena up for swimming lessons and she was the only one in the class, so she got private lessons. Lucky us!!! Oh - those wedding pics you got flickering on the side - did u take those? They are beautiful!!!
Love, Melinda

always sunny said...

yes, she had lessons for one week and they picked the kids up in a school bus and took them to the YMCA for 1 hour. it was her life long dream to ride a bus. and then this last week she got to do it again on a little field trip to the park. so, at this it good. :)
yes, those are photos i took. thank you.