Thursday, July 30, 2009

it starts tonight!

i am starting the SIDEWALK SALE tonight, and here are a few brand new items that will be in the shop. i am really starting to dread the end of my ancient roman glass. i came across a strand of "shards" on ebay today for $495.00. i was shocked. it was 11 beads. it really got me thinking. i knew these were special before, but maybe i underestimated them. different websites consider them far more valuable than diamonds, as these are over 2000 years old, and obviously when they are gone, they are gone. i have 7 pieces left and i have to admit, when i sell one- it hurts. i will have a few listed and will hold a few for a later time.

roman glass necklace with quartz
roman glass bracelet
glass bouteille necklace
s u m m e r b l o o m necklace

b u r g a n d y earrings on silver