Sunday, April 26, 2009

new lip balm alert!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

weekend in 6 sentances

i know, why do i even bother? we worked outside from 10am until 7:40pm. it was a long long very sore and 'overcast' day. we rented a post hole digger and i hate it's guts. we got 6 of the 10 finished fence pieces finished and i still have a lot to do on an etsy order, or i'd write more. i hurt so bad-embarrassingly enough it was from the wii and then actual work made it lots worse. later!

Monday, April 13, 2009

what's hot:

it is now a clear bottle with a little pump. beautiful looking!
this was one of my purchases over a month ago, right as we were packing up.
i had not even used it when i sadly put it in to my 'sweet petula box' because, i do have enough of it to fill a box. and no, it's not enough. i lost track of the box that i poorly labeled (ok, no label at all) and i just found it last night. i was searching for days because we desperately needed lotion in our bathroom without the words 'bath and body' printed on it. i needed it soooo bad. and wala- I FOUND IT. ooooh that was a good smellin' box...anyway...

you have got to try this stuff. it's not prefumy, oily, sticky, none of that. it's simply perfection. i put it on after a good hand wash from working outside in the garden that i own- and it feels so good. and smells so good. most of the time when i put lotion on that is scented, i feel that i have to wipe it off to eat anything. not this one. i went back for more a little later just so i could smell it all over again. i want this lotion in every room so when you come over, because you will, you can use it too. since it will be a while before you can come here, you can buy it here. i highly recommend it.
i am SO sure you will love it, that if you buy it anytime this month, tell me and i will send you a free lip balm.
and another goodie!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter dinner lineup (and brunch!)

happy almost easter everyone.
also, last year i had to share my birthday with jesus and the white bunny and this year cam does. not the ideal date, so let's all wish her the best. poor thing is having a very tough time right now and she could really use some lovin'. or drugs. probably both.

now, this year i decided to do a pretty traditional easter dinner. this is very different for me because i hate ham. this recipe looked so fun, and my family likes ham, so here we go. we have a juicer now, so we will be making our own pineapple juice first.

pineapple-mustard glazed ham
scalloped potatoes with leeks
green beans with lemon butter

and before all this we will be making these for brunch!
oh, and i'm making the caramel sauce AND the cream cheese frosting. because i can.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

lanna says

i asked lanna last night if she was interested in painting the basement with me last night. she was super excited and grabbed her brush right away. nathan and i found a great color on the clearance shelf in home depot for $5. my favorite kind. the color on the lid looks like when you first stir your chocolate into the milk. "chocolate milk" is how i thought of it.

we open up the can and lanna says "oooooh, this is beige"

i said "how do you know what color beige is? that's a different color than what you are used to."

she says "i know beige, because it's boring."

"so, do you think the paint that we put up is boring"?

no. she says. it looks like hot cocoa (takes a mn to sniff the air...) "that smells like poop"

*the paint looks awesome. with the lighting, its a dusty purple.
*lanna knows about beige being boring from 'mr. knit knots' of the Imagination Movers.

Monday, April 6, 2009

lanna is a rockstar