Monday, April 13, 2009

what's hot:

it is now a clear bottle with a little pump. beautiful looking!
this was one of my purchases over a month ago, right as we were packing up.
i had not even used it when i sadly put it in to my 'sweet petula box' because, i do have enough of it to fill a box. and no, it's not enough. i lost track of the box that i poorly labeled (ok, no label at all) and i just found it last night. i was searching for days because we desperately needed lotion in our bathroom without the words 'bath and body' printed on it. i needed it soooo bad. and wala- I FOUND IT. ooooh that was a good smellin' box...anyway...

you have got to try this stuff. it's not prefumy, oily, sticky, none of that. it's simply perfection. i put it on after a good hand wash from working outside in the garden that i own- and it feels so good. and smells so good. most of the time when i put lotion on that is scented, i feel that i have to wipe it off to eat anything. not this one. i went back for more a little later just so i could smell it all over again. i want this lotion in every room so when you come over, because you will, you can use it too. since it will be a while before you can come here, you can buy it here. i highly recommend it.
i am SO sure you will love it, that if you buy it anytime this month, tell me and i will send you a free lip balm.
and another goodie!


Lee Ohio Designs said...

I totally agree! Sweet Petula is the best!