Wednesday, January 30, 2008

handing out bunnies. anyone want a bite?

happened in a bizarre dream maybe? scarred childhood? wait, we have not had a chance to scar her yet. give us a little longer. whenever we are laying on the bed watching tv lanna jumps on the bed to hand out bunnies. this only happens on the bed. in the morning when she wakes up, she will come to join us. after about 20mn or so, we are immediately handed a bunny in her cuffed fist. they must be very small. we are generally given 2 bunnies and she keeps a few for herself. after she hands them out equally, we are asked to pet them and then she pops her bunnies in her mouth. yes, hers are edible. she then asks us if we want a taste, and we generally decline and then work in to some 'long drawn out this is not really what you do to a bunny unless you live in europe or everett' story. we try to convince her that it is just as equally great that she just pet her bunny like we do, and that consumption is just too drastic. once she has eaten all of her bunnies she jumps for a few minutes on the bed like a drunken acrobat and then more bunnies appear and she continues to snack on them and con us into taking a bite. any child psychologists out there that cares to take a whack at this one?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"two words for you"

i don't find snow fun. i am very much a warm weather person, and find this time of year to be just dreadful. i manage, i'm not like a miserable weirdo everyday, but inside i despise it. we have snow in overabundance right now. 16" to be exact. SIXTEEN. hold up a ruler, it's deeper than you may think. what am i supposed to do with this? where do you shovel? do you want me to shovel it to the 42 foot mound that lines the streets so we can NEVER escape? wow, that sounds brilliant. i just went out to the effin street where my car is because i can't pull into the driveway-where my car SHOULD BE...because i cant GET IN. the snow is now taller than my freakin' boots and that my friend is TOO MUCH. so, "snow" listen and listen good. i say this and mean it. i mean it will my whole frozen body "F ..."U... there i said it. get over it. and what are these glacier sized icicles that you bring? you just take them right back. i would get my butt up and go knock you down right now but i am scared that you will fall and damage my cornea. you look at me like you are waiting to fall on me. you dislike me, i can tell. well you know what? i don't have the warm fuzzies for you either. melt away you evil water stick.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

my little tub bunny

bathtime tonight, just a cute picture.

aparently cold=explode

I think diet coke is delicious. cold and delicious. we went grocery shopping last week and left a fidge pack in the trunk of the car. We thought it would be better out there than in the kitchen where we have no room for it. We had just finished up our shopping tonight and opened up the trunk to load up our goodies. what? what is this? What looked like peed on snow was in abundance in the back of the car. the delicious diet coke had EXPLODED. i mean really exploded! It has been down to 4 degrees and night, and dammit i never thought once about my precious DC. It looked like I had shoved a firecracker in the can. the top blew clean off! Not off of just one, all of them had suffered mass destruction. Luckily the clean up was a breeze. i picked up the peed on snow and tossed it outside. crises averted. coke wasted.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

daddy's on that plane!

nathan is on a short trip to LA and boarded his plane yesterday morning. we pick him up tonight and we are pretty excited about it. i pick lanna up from school and we hurry home to check the mail and have some cheese. as we walk up the steps a huge plane flies overhead. (we are just 10 mn from the airport) lanna said "there he is!!! there is daddy! daddy is on THAT PLANE!" she says. i told her that he was still in california and that we had to wait just a few more hours and they we can go get him. she replied "noooo...daddy is on THAT one and he is sitting on his bum...I CAN SEE HIM".
of course i say. well, it's a darn good thing he is seated and i hope he is buckled up.
"yep he is!".


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

letter from lanna:

i am just wrapping some things up for the night. i have packaged up a few earrings that i sold. lanna notices that i am printing postage labels and asks is she can have one for herself. i gave her a piece of the leftover paper. she grabs the sharpie sitting on the table, starts to write a note and out loud and illustrates her letter.
"DEAR ME: she says. "please tell santa to come back."
"DEAR ME" (she repeats) "please tell santa to clean up the marker i just got on the table..."

i then take a little more notice at what she is doing, and that was the end of her letter.
i am sure it would have been great.

Monday, January 21, 2008

first snow angel

the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the snow is present. lanna desperately wanted to go out. i was hesitant, but the sun got me out. the snow is glittery and pure powder. when you take a step, oddly you do not sink too far. the grass is completely frozen underneath and even thought the snow is soft there is a big crunch when you take a step. lanna threw herself down to make her first (to my knowledge) snow angel. i have a little video. we were out for about 15 mn and she is now snuggled on the couch with her sugar- free instant breakfast "hot cocoa drink". she is looking out the window admiring her work.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

a little about my website

most of you know know and frequent my site, 'my little sunshine' but i wanted to write a little something about what i do. i create earrings with vintage beads, findings and lots and lots of love. i create things that my friends and i love to wear, but have a hard time finding. i wanted to live in a world where you ca buy an amazing piece of vintage handmade jewelry for $15 or less. since that world was not on the street i live on, i made it. i just launched my line of homemade chapstick as well. i am always open to suggestions, and things that you have a hard time finding as well. i want to make something that you will love for a very long time.

Buy Handmade

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

longing for chapstick

i am a chapstick addict. if there is one thing i am addicted to (besides earrings) it is chapstick. i use one kind and that is burts bees. it is the only on that i can use that does not irritate my lips or give me that immediate desire to use more NOW. when i get an idea, i want to jump on it immediately. this was one of them. i wanted to make a product that was fun, useful and completely healing. essential oils are so much fun to work with. i am using combination of beeswax, soy wax, essential oils, vitamin e and cocoa butter. i have some great flavors like:
blood orange, bing cherry, french vanilla, creme de menthe, chocolate truffle, meyer lemon, cinnamon, sweet orange, peppermint, hot cocoa, natural, it's my birthday! and almond biscotti.
i have not yet experimented with colors. so far i am loving the natural color each one produces. i want to experiment with the colors from vegetable juices. i think carrot and beet juice have fantastic color and would like to see that in the future. if you have suggestions on natural colors that i can use i would appreciate it. keep in mind you cannot mix oil with water and come out with a great consistency, so this is really my biggest problem.