Wednesday, January 30, 2008

handing out bunnies. anyone want a bite?

happened in a bizarre dream maybe? scarred childhood? wait, we have not had a chance to scar her yet. give us a little longer. whenever we are laying on the bed watching tv lanna jumps on the bed to hand out bunnies. this only happens on the bed. in the morning when she wakes up, she will come to join us. after about 20mn or so, we are immediately handed a bunny in her cuffed fist. they must be very small. we are generally given 2 bunnies and she keeps a few for herself. after she hands them out equally, we are asked to pet them and then she pops her bunnies in her mouth. yes, hers are edible. she then asks us if we want a taste, and we generally decline and then work in to some 'long drawn out this is not really what you do to a bunny unless you live in europe or everett' story. we try to convince her that it is just as equally great that she just pet her bunny like we do, and that consumption is just too drastic. once she has eaten all of her bunnies she jumps for a few minutes on the bed like a drunken acrobat and then more bunnies appear and she continues to snack on them and con us into taking a bite. any child psychologists out there that cares to take a whack at this one?


ann said...

it is okay to eat bunnies in everett and europe?

your daughter is the most precious (and gorgeously unpredictable) little creature ever!!

yeah lanna! yeah bunnies!

Modest Mousketeer said...

Clearly she is having an identity crisis. Lanna is really a rabbit and feels that she was born in to the wrong body. Everyday when she wakes up and comes in to cuddle with you she is faced with the realization that she is not living her authentic life like Oprah has told her she must. In order to deal with the intense agony of living in someone/thing else's body she has become extremely angry with rabbits and will now eat them whenever possible. Not only will she eat rabbits out of spite, but she will do it gleefully as observed in the "bed dancing" and "laughter" and these are the things you need to be most concerned about. I suggest isolation.