Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"two words for you"

i don't find snow fun. i am very much a warm weather person, and find this time of year to be just dreadful. i manage, i'm not like a miserable weirdo everyday, but inside i despise it. we have snow in overabundance right now. 16" to be exact. SIXTEEN. hold up a ruler, it's deeper than you may think. what am i supposed to do with this? where do you shovel? do you want me to shovel it to the 42 foot mound that lines the streets so we can NEVER escape? wow, that sounds brilliant. i just went out to the effin street where my car is because i can't pull into the driveway-where my car SHOULD BE...because i cant GET IN. the snow is now taller than my freakin' boots and that my friend is TOO MUCH. so, "snow" listen and listen good. i say this and mean it. i mean it will my whole frozen body "F ..."U... there i said it. get over it. and what are these glacier sized icicles that you bring? you just take them right back. i would get my butt up and go knock you down right now but i am scared that you will fall and damage my cornea. you look at me like you are waiting to fall on me. you dislike me, i can tell. well you know what? i don't have the warm fuzzies for you either. melt away you evil water stick.


Modest Mousketeer said...

Deaf-in-italy watch out for your corneas!