Tuesday, January 1, 2008

longing for chapstick

i am a chapstick addict. if there is one thing i am addicted to (besides earrings) it is chapstick. i use one kind and that is burts bees. it is the only on that i can use that does not irritate my lips or give me that immediate desire to use more NOW. when i get an idea, i want to jump on it immediately. this was one of them. i wanted to make a product that was fun, useful and completely healing. essential oils are so much fun to work with. i am using combination of beeswax, soy wax, essential oils, vitamin e and cocoa butter. i have some great flavors like:
blood orange, bing cherry, french vanilla, creme de menthe, chocolate truffle, meyer lemon, cinnamon, sweet orange, peppermint, hot cocoa, natural, it's my birthday! and almond biscotti.
i have not yet experimented with colors. so far i am loving the natural color each one produces. i want to experiment with the colors from vegetable juices. i think carrot and beet juice have fantastic color and would like to see that in the future. if you have suggestions on natural colors that i can use i would appreciate it. keep in mind you cannot mix oil with water and come out with a great consistency, so this is really my biggest problem.