Monday, October 27, 2008

a little update on oma.
i don't think i was good at updating the oma issue, so here is a little rundown.
after the initial surgery, she was home for 2 weeks or so and the plan was to monitor the toe and look for improvement. when she went back to the dr. and he was not happy how the toe was healing (or lack thereof) and decided that it needed to be removed. she still had 2 very large ulcers on her foot, that looked like you had taken a melon baller ot her foot and that you were staring at black bone. she was admitted back into the hospital and aunt denise and robert were here with her the whole time she was in the hospital. she was there for another 5 (?) days again and then she was sent back too the carriage house AGAIN for 13 days. before that she had been in for 11 days. the toe was removed and a skin graph was done to fill that in the ulcers. this was the most painful part. so now in total she has an incision that runs from her groin to her ankle from where the vein was removed and put into her foot. she has one toe removed, and on her thigh the whole where they took the skin from to place on her foot. she is one beat up little thing right now. she is getting around pretty good this week and we were able to take a very quick visit this past weekend. we will be heading up again in november to check in. she has had a rough last 6 months and the last 2 have been a total blur for her. she is on the mend finally and cannot be happier about it. she really does have a beautiful view and even more so in the early morning.

omie and lanna

feeding the birds.
"aahhhh! thier going to eat me!"

lanna dressed up in her pumpkin mask, sang a song and gave omie her pumpkin that she made.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

happy birthday lanna!
you are now 4 and as wonderful as ever.
tonight as you went to bed you said to me

"i really liked my birthday, thank you"

no, thank you.

here is the cake that you took to school today.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

fall and small children

we had a day just full of cute kids.
us three met kami and her son gavin and shelly and kevin and their two girls nathalie and nadine. it was time for little gavin's one year old 'fall photo's'.
nadine is like me and not so hot on the idea of photo's of herself. here are some cute cute babies!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

and the bloggie award goes too...

this is an actual listing from Studio Cherie who is definitely my favorite spokane etsy street team member. this cracked me up! it is one of the funniest things i have ever read. here is the actual listing. and don't go buying it. it's mine, but it kind of legendary, so i want others to read it.
then- just as they go to buy it- i will snatch it away from them and laugh to myself "muhahah."

Imaginary conversation:
"Is that in Iceland?"
"No. It's not a town. It's a little bag for Rachel."

Actual conversation:

“I’m desperate for a coin pouch,” you said, a pitiable statement if I ever heard one. Poor, Rachel, I pouted, shaking my head, ever so slightly. Then you said the size: “six inches by four inches,” and I thought, this woman is an adult, I don’t want to question her grasp of the English measuring system. But in my head all I could hear was my own voice yelling in an incredulous tone, “Six by four! Six by four! Does she have any idea how huge that is? Does she know how heavy that would be if it were full of coins? She could carry a guinea pig in a pouch that size!” Then my thoughts took a turn. “This woman carries some serious coin.” I know you sell a lot of jewelry and “my little chap sticks,” but do people pay you in coinage, I wondered? I almost sent you a convo about it, then I remembered (and I almost choked on my own spit) that you still work a job. Fresh waves of pity washed over me as I imagined you with your new humongous little pouch plugging the meter all day, five days a week. So I made a bag fit for the job. I made it of red Crypton® suede. Red, because the Chinese say if you carry your money in a red bag, you will never run out. Crypton®, because if you drop it (and you know you will) it will wash off easily. It’s here if you want it. You can pay me in chapsticks – the new, unofficial Pan American currency.
©2008 Studio Cherie all rights reserved, do not duplicate or publish without permission

P.S. No guinea pigs were harmed in the making of this bag. The moose is a bit flummoxed, but I think he was already baffled before the incident.

so, the reasoning for the crazy 4x6 size is, it doubles as a little makeup bag. AND i do really have a LOT of coins. i mean, a truckload. i promise it will serve it's happy little purpose.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"hey, this year for my birthday can i be 5, becasuse that's almost 10..."

Monday, October 13, 2008

the beach is so close you san smell it

brass starfish earrings with a hand patina.
these are hung on sterling silver wires that have been oxidized.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

october giveaway!

i am starting monthly giveaways!
and i am starting now. this is something that i wanted to start a while ago and just never did it.
i spent waaaay to much today at the bead show and scored some really great pearls. and you are going to benefit from it. this giveaway is for a big beautiful single swarovki pearl necklace. it is hung on vintage brass chain and closes with a lobster clasp. yes, i made one for me too. i will be listing a lot of luscious pearls in the days to come. earrings galore and necklaces and even some sets. pearls are great for everyday wear, holidays and oh yes-gifts! i have pearls in sage green, champagne powder pink. i have glass pearls, potato pearls and freshwater pearls.
* to enter*
reply to this post and tell me your favorite fall dish.
you can just tell me the name of it, or you can share all the ingredients too.
the winner will be announced on Halloween! Lanna will name the winner while in her costume!
good luck!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

warm fall vintage goods

this line is so welcoming and yet cheery. it's romantic and warm and so very hot!

Friday, October 10, 2008

brisk and oh-so sunny.

this is the forecast for tomorrow. 29 and sunny. what the... "i'll take it!"
it will actually warm up to a toasty 50 or so, but it's aaaaaaall sun and i love that.
it's a big day tomorrow! it's ba da da da da daaaaa.....
yes, it's that time of year again. it's the 'rings and things' bead show. you remember my post back in march i am sure. maybe i will try to take a few photo's for you. it's a secret in all, and you know, they hate photo's taken in their top secret location which only i am invited too...
this is exactly how my dream went. it was nothing short of spectacular in march "my birthday month" and it will be nothing less this time i am sure.
i heart 'rings and things'.

me: hey lanna, wanna go to a bead show with me tomorrow?

lanna: uh, ok. can i get some beads too?

me: sure! it's really really important that we go and we spend as much as possible. you see, the economy is in some serious doo-doo and they need all the money they can get. our retirement depends on THIS SHOW. are you prepared to spend spend spend tomorrow?

lanna: can i bring creamsicle with me?

me: sure. but seriously, are you ready to stimulate the economy with me??? it's going to be awesome. and hey, it's for a good cause right?

lanna: wanna see my handstand?

me: sure.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

the sage.

gorgeous new necklaces in the shop!