Friday, October 10, 2008

brisk and oh-so sunny.

this is the forecast for tomorrow. 29 and sunny. what the... "i'll take it!"
it will actually warm up to a toasty 50 or so, but it's aaaaaaall sun and i love that.
it's a big day tomorrow! it's ba da da da da daaaaa.....
yes, it's that time of year again. it's the 'rings and things' bead show. you remember my post back in march i am sure. maybe i will try to take a few photo's for you. it's a secret in all, and you know, they hate photo's taken in their top secret location which only i am invited too...
this is exactly how my dream went. it was nothing short of spectacular in march "my birthday month" and it will be nothing less this time i am sure.
i heart 'rings and things'.

me: hey lanna, wanna go to a bead show with me tomorrow?

lanna: uh, ok. can i get some beads too?

me: sure! it's really really important that we go and we spend as much as possible. you see, the economy is in some serious doo-doo and they need all the money they can get. our retirement depends on THIS SHOW. are you prepared to spend spend spend tomorrow?

lanna: can i bring creamsicle with me?

me: sure. but seriously, are you ready to stimulate the economy with me??? it's going to be awesome. and hey, it's for a good cause right?

lanna: wanna see my handstand?

me: sure.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Sunny,

You're right, it was a beautiful day. I think I got a tan from the sunshine coming through the hotel windows by our checkout desks! Thanks so much for posting the most entertaining blog I've ever seen about our bead shows... Hope you had a great time!

at Rings & Things

Brighton Early said...

I love that photo.