Monday, October 27, 2008

a little update on oma.
i don't think i was good at updating the oma issue, so here is a little rundown.
after the initial surgery, she was home for 2 weeks or so and the plan was to monitor the toe and look for improvement. when she went back to the dr. and he was not happy how the toe was healing (or lack thereof) and decided that it needed to be removed. she still had 2 very large ulcers on her foot, that looked like you had taken a melon baller ot her foot and that you were staring at black bone. she was admitted back into the hospital and aunt denise and robert were here with her the whole time she was in the hospital. she was there for another 5 (?) days again and then she was sent back too the carriage house AGAIN for 13 days. before that she had been in for 11 days. the toe was removed and a skin graph was done to fill that in the ulcers. this was the most painful part. so now in total she has an incision that runs from her groin to her ankle from where the vein was removed and put into her foot. she has one toe removed, and on her thigh the whole where they took the skin from to place on her foot. she is one beat up little thing right now. she is getting around pretty good this week and we were able to take a very quick visit this past weekend. we will be heading up again in november to check in. she has had a rough last 6 months and the last 2 have been a total blur for her. she is on the mend finally and cannot be happier about it. she really does have a beautiful view and even more so in the early morning.

omie and lanna

feeding the birds.
"aahhhh! thier going to eat me!"

lanna dressed up in her pumpkin mask, sang a song and gave omie her pumpkin that she made.


Anonymous said...

Hey - it's Melinda again...... I know how much she means to you and hope she continues to do well. At the risk of sounding like a nag, I would love to have a quick hug in november from ya. I know I sound like a total ass cuz I've never been to Spokomptom to see you, but (ok no excuse)...anyway, just call me so I can drop by really, really quick as I know you are busy visiting with everyboy else and their neighbors.....

always sunny said...

absolutely we should hug!
last time that you called, we were stayin in the hospital, and then when you called we had already left. we need to get togethter this time and oma would actually love to see you!

home2k9 Alpha said...

Looks like you guys brought lots of cheer! Hugs and kisses to Oma (or Omeeee as I've grown to call her in my head). Missing you~