Thursday, October 16, 2008

and the bloggie award goes too...

this is an actual listing from Studio Cherie who is definitely my favorite spokane etsy street team member. this cracked me up! it is one of the funniest things i have ever read. here is the actual listing. and don't go buying it. it's mine, but it kind of legendary, so i want others to read it.
then- just as they go to buy it- i will snatch it away from them and laugh to myself "muhahah."

Imaginary conversation:
"Is that in Iceland?"
"No. It's not a town. It's a little bag for Rachel."

Actual conversation:

“I’m desperate for a coin pouch,” you said, a pitiable statement if I ever heard one. Poor, Rachel, I pouted, shaking my head, ever so slightly. Then you said the size: “six inches by four inches,” and I thought, this woman is an adult, I don’t want to question her grasp of the English measuring system. But in my head all I could hear was my own voice yelling in an incredulous tone, “Six by four! Six by four! Does she have any idea how huge that is? Does she know how heavy that would be if it were full of coins? She could carry a guinea pig in a pouch that size!” Then my thoughts took a turn. “This woman carries some serious coin.” I know you sell a lot of jewelry and “my little chap sticks,” but do people pay you in coinage, I wondered? I almost sent you a convo about it, then I remembered (and I almost choked on my own spit) that you still work a job. Fresh waves of pity washed over me as I imagined you with your new humongous little pouch plugging the meter all day, five days a week. So I made a bag fit for the job. I made it of red Crypton® suede. Red, because the Chinese say if you carry your money in a red bag, you will never run out. Crypton®, because if you drop it (and you know you will) it will wash off easily. It’s here if you want it. You can pay me in chapsticks – the new, unofficial Pan American currency.
©2008 Studio Cherie all rights reserved, do not duplicate or publish without permission

P.S. No guinea pigs were harmed in the making of this bag. The moose is a bit flummoxed, but I think he was already baffled before the incident.

so, the reasoning for the crazy 4x6 size is, it doubles as a little makeup bag. AND i do really have a LOT of coins. i mean, a truckload. i promise it will serve it's happy little purpose.


home2k9 Alpha said...

That's priceless. And you can put your weeeeeeed in it too I bet. Just guessing. hee hee.

Bobbi said...


Brighton Early said...

Confession: I didn't actually read this post. haha. sorry.

I really just wanted to say that I usually hate music on blogs, but I love coming to your blog and hearing your music. It makes me smile everytime. :D

always sunny said...
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always sunny said...

thank you!
i normally hate it too. but i was drawn to the ipod. AND how can you not smile when you hear mr. belvedere?