Saturday, February 28, 2009

better late, than never...right?

last weekend we had a nice whidbey trip that was of course, all too short. they always are. you see, mondays are never an option for me to take off- so that makes it harder. friday's are nathan's inventory day, so as long as he gets that covered...we're good for a 3 day. we came up for doots baby shower that was on the way out on sunday. here are a few photo's of the trip.
we got to have a nice night at cam and nord's house and pop pop came to visit at oma's. it was more liek spring there than is is here. i hope we will catch up soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

the short and sweet sale!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the first person who get me this on a mug wins

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i hate to blog this.

i really do. i was not going to talk about it, but i am going to a little bit.
we are trying to buy a house. nothing is finalized of course and it will be 3 more weeks until close. so, congratulations yet. it freaks me out. we put an offer on, they accepted. it was inspected, and it went great. it is now in appraisal and then heads to the bank. (ahhhh!)
this was house number 7 that we looked at. we fell in love with it the minute we walked in. the home owners have put so much time and money into a complete remodel. the house is beautifully quaint. it is a 2 bedroom with a den and a full basement. (hello ETSY room!) it has a garage, wood floors downstairs, a new sprinkler system and a big bad ass fireplace OUTSIDE. weenies will be roasted. period.
that's all for now.
now, shhhh. quietly be excited for us. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

something really special just happened!!

sweetpetula just sold her 1000th sale!! how fantastic!

Monday, February 16, 2009

it's treasury month.

that studio cherie is at it again!
click it up folks! go ahead, the more clicks you make, the more awesome you are.

Friday, February 13, 2009

aaaand another one!!

click away folks! your viewing is what makes its popularity grow, and it will have a chance to get to the front page!

another cute treasury!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in a fun new treasury

Sunday, February 8, 2009

random thoughts

*what's cuter than a baby bunny? nothing.

this one will be just as scattered as i feel.
*after one cup of coffee i jumped up and started 'spring cleaning' before i could convince myself it was a bad way to spend my nice sunday. load after load of laundry. i packed up some winter stuff that i never really utilized, as well as 3 drawers of other clothing that has not been used in way to long. then the laundry moved into textiles, bedding and re washing upcoming spring clothing.
it finally ended at 7pm. we are all pooped and just finished a really yummy dinner.

*my heart hurts a little, i just sold my 'spring sprout necklace'. the pretty roman glass one.
i knew it was going to be hard to let these babies go, but i cant seal the envelope. i just need a few more minutes. i hope she likes it. i will be able to post another one, somewhat similar. i expect the same feelings when that one goes as well.

*i know nothing about childbirth. i am reminded of this every time someone i know has a baby. a friend of a friend had a baby this weekend. i would text constantly asking if baby was here yet. i would get texts back that said all sorts of labor terms that i cant even remember. my texts were completely inquisitive and totally unknowing. i got a text that said "she is at a nine" and i knew this meant centimeters. this much i knew. inappropriate text back was "so, how far does a who-ha open up anyway?" the answer was "omg you nerd. it's 10". my response was " well, then tell her i am so happy to hear it's not 40."
because i looked at a ruler and it was very concerning.
i have never seen a birth, i have never wanted to, and i hope i never do. i barely know where babies come from and the only reason why i do, is because ann explained it all to me. i never really read book, i just asked her a million questions. i'm not sure what really went on in there the whole time. i had an emergency c section at 7 months (no, not because i am dumb) because she was done, cooked and ready. early. ;)
i had a teeny tiny little 2" cut and they slipped her right out in 90 seconds. piece of cake.
i saw nothing. i suppose i will read a book on it eventually. but nonetheless, i feel that i need to know more about this subject.

that's it. bath time. night all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


well, now.
isn't this just very exciting!
thank you all so much for your wonderful stories and just plain entering!
studio cherie is this months lucky winner. chosen by drawing via lanna, this spokane artist makes some great bags and patterns worth checking out! also, she now has a pretty active and fun blog.
congratulation cherie! way to go lanna, eh?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i just want to lick it.

i scored majorly tonight.
oh come on...i mean at the bead shop. there is this really eclectic place downtown that carries a lot of stones and actual artifacts from upwards of 2000 years ago. they have village tokens from greece that were never supposed to leave the village, super rare indian trade glass ect. tonight something really hit me (and my wallet) hardcore. but i just had to. there in the 'don't look over this way, i am waaay too expensive wall' was this beautiful strand of roman glass. i grabbed it thinking never have i touched glass this old, but i may never again. then came the light. it's like i was taken over by the romans. they whispered in my ear, get it. get it, it's almost your birthday and you deserve the world this year. yes, i said. i know, but i also need to eat. get it, they say. so i did. i walked to the counter sweating and purchased this glass. when i take it off the strand tonight and begin to make earrings and necklaces with it, i can tell already i will have a hard time when someone buys one. these are it. they will never have these again, and neither will i. ok, that's lie. i will totally make two pairs for myself and a necklace. it's delicious. it's aqua, lemon yellow, sea green and cobalt. it looks like sea glass in a way, but you can see the fossilization starting. i will be posting some tomorrow. tear.

* i held back, but what i really wanted to do was question her on how the hell did she get her hands on this and who did she rob to get it??

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i found a dear friend!

i am just thrilled beyond words.
the first day of 3rd grade i met this lovely girl named elizabeth. we were inseparable. i spent so many days and nights at her house, that i often wondered if her gracious parents wondered where the 4th child came from. her dad was a basketball coach and he would often let us shoot with his balls on the weekends. we were destined to go pro. i remember so many wonderful things about our friendship. remember fimo? we were addicted to it and it just so happened that she had a wonderful stash of it. we made everything- jewelry, furniture pieces, obscene things, you name it we made it. the whole house would fill up with that plastic/clay smell as you were baking it. it was so much fun. we even traveled to her grandparents house one year and they paid for us to take tennis lessons. we were destined to go pro. i think that was the last time i played tennis. weird. we also rocked the bad mitten court. ie: her backyard. ooooh man we were good. we were destined to go pro.

to give you an idea of when this was, ace ventura pet detective was JUST released on video. she got a copy as soon as it came out and she was a lucky duck and had the ace ventura i.d. card. i was so jealous. *side note: my husband has one and i call it mine. pump up the jam had just came out and one easter we would take out cadbury milk duds and lick the blue ones and put them on our lips. hot, i know. we were awesome. we also both loved fred savage soooo much.
i won't tell you what we did to reiterate that. (oh stop it, jeeze.)

sleepover after sleepover liz was an amazing outlet for me as my dad was formerly married to a major biotch of the universe. liz should be delighted to know that it ended when i was 13, and not soon enough. single handledy the happiest day of my life. seriously. i'm not sure how it happened or when, but we slowly started to lose touch. we lived so close, and i hate that it happened. it soon turned into doorstep greetings. every may day and valentines day we would leave each other a little something on each others doorstep. i remember my very last bouquet of flowers from her. they were daffodils. my very favorite. soon after that she started to attend another school and we never saw each other. i also started my first job. i worked at island bakery and by now, it was my freshman year in high school. with my job weekends became obsolete.

my sophomore year of HS i ran into her in a local store, i was so excited to see her. we had a small chat and i never knew that it was going to be our last one for nearly 15 years. i hate that i went through high school without her. HS is hard enough without a good support system and i definitely needed her as a part of my life. not a day passed that i did not think about her. i met my husband my junior year and i remember us leaving notes in her mailbox in hopes her parents or the new tenants could get it to her. i never had luck. years that seem like forever passed and i can't believe that i never once ran into her.

i feel like i just gained a huge part of my life that was missing for so long. even though she was not there physically, i have always considered her one of my very best friends. lucky for me she is still in the area and we hope to re-connect this year. not hope, we will. and i will count the days until we do. i can only imagine this is what it feels like to win the lottery-but way better. this is the best year ever.