Sunday, February 8, 2009

random thoughts

*what's cuter than a baby bunny? nothing.

this one will be just as scattered as i feel.
*after one cup of coffee i jumped up and started 'spring cleaning' before i could convince myself it was a bad way to spend my nice sunday. load after load of laundry. i packed up some winter stuff that i never really utilized, as well as 3 drawers of other clothing that has not been used in way to long. then the laundry moved into textiles, bedding and re washing upcoming spring clothing.
it finally ended at 7pm. we are all pooped and just finished a really yummy dinner.

*my heart hurts a little, i just sold my 'spring sprout necklace'. the pretty roman glass one.
i knew it was going to be hard to let these babies go, but i cant seal the envelope. i just need a few more minutes. i hope she likes it. i will be able to post another one, somewhat similar. i expect the same feelings when that one goes as well.

*i know nothing about childbirth. i am reminded of this every time someone i know has a baby. a friend of a friend had a baby this weekend. i would text constantly asking if baby was here yet. i would get texts back that said all sorts of labor terms that i cant even remember. my texts were completely inquisitive and totally unknowing. i got a text that said "she is at a nine" and i knew this meant centimeters. this much i knew. inappropriate text back was "so, how far does a who-ha open up anyway?" the answer was "omg you nerd. it's 10". my response was " well, then tell her i am so happy to hear it's not 40."
because i looked at a ruler and it was very concerning.
i have never seen a birth, i have never wanted to, and i hope i never do. i barely know where babies come from and the only reason why i do, is because ann explained it all to me. i never really read book, i just asked her a million questions. i'm not sure what really went on in there the whole time. i had an emergency c section at 7 months (no, not because i am dumb) because she was done, cooked and ready. early. ;)
i had a teeny tiny little 2" cut and they slipped her right out in 90 seconds. piece of cake.
i saw nothing. i suppose i will read a book on it eventually. but nonetheless, i feel that i need to know more about this subject.

that's it. bath time. night all!


Home2k9 said...

Phew... that really was random! You probably shouldn't look at the ruler when you're checking out how large things spread for the actual, ACTUAL arrival... being dilated is nothing when it comes to that head making an appearance. Trust me, I have seen it THREE TIMES!

How did we even get on this subject?!?!

always sunny said...

oh god. i have no idea.
baby came, and it made me think of it...?

Anonymous said...

Awe, a bunny! I love bunnies. Babies, not so much.

LeelaBijou said...

Great post! :)

Sweetest Petula said...

holy crackers!

It get's that big? Good night...not for me. no sir.

I'd give birth to the little baby bunny. He looks just like a scoop of little. That's do able....and bunny poops are little as well. yes, I think that is more for me.