Sunday, March 2, 2008

tried crack for the first time...

well, my kind of crack.
holy cow! i had no idea there was such a heaven. i now know what nathan goes through at a comic convention. shortness of breath, numb limbs, slight pain in the chest cavity and if you are lucky...a little bit of pee.
i want more. they are a local wholesale shop in downtown spokane. i have yet to go there, but they put on a show as well as tour every spring/summer. today was the kick off of the 'rings and things' bead tour. breathtaking. march 2nd was the first show of the year and they will hit seattle on june 6th. they will end their tour in june and will be hosting another show in spokane october 12. i am soooo there. i just might not sleep until then. imagine how much stuff i can get done! it was truly fantastic. i am yet to find the ear hooks that i need but will keep searching. and in the mean time i will continue to pay close to 1 million dollars for them.
goooooo team bead show!!


Dave Robertson said...

Thanks from Rings & Things, Rachel! Great post. We appreciate the props...

--Dave (