Saturday, March 15, 2008

filler' up!

i am in the living room and i hear lanna saying to tuck, our cat
"wow, tuck these are DELICIOUS"
she has quite the imagination so i just listen for a while. i then hear
"they are crunchie, and you are not supposed to eat these"...
ok, now obviously that was my que to see what exactly she was eating.
cat food.
his cat food.
he is starring at her like "holy crap. is she EVER going to give me a bite?!"

me: lanna, that is tucks food, we don't eat his food.

lanna: why not? (the most popular question by her to date)

me: becasue you will have cat breath. do you want to have cat breath?

lanna: yes.

me: really? do you really want to smell like tuck?

lanna: yes. tuck smells sooooo good.

when i was little i used to eat cat food. i lived with my grandma and the neighbor had a big black cat named mouser. she also had a really cool doll house. one day i took the little refrigerator that was in the doll house and used that as my "lemony crunchies" holder. you could jam pack the fridge and the freezer part full, and i did. lanna does not have a dollhouse, but we might have to start doing pocket-checks on the hour.