Saturday, March 1, 2008

bye bye mr. tree

a giant orange truck pulled up along side of the road this morning. what is this? is this an electricity truck? did comcast turn orange? is it a flashy ice cream truck? no. the ladder was raised up, and branches of the neighbors tree started to fall. lanna was startled by the initial sound. she high tailed it to the window and there she sat glued for 30mn. "what are they doing to that tree? "HEY put that tree back there! let me out on the deck so i can tell them to leave that tree alone!", she says. she was visibly sad. it seemed to be that this was her first understanding of a sort-of "death". she was even more irritated when it was shoved into the chipper. with butt crack hanging out, she stuck it out till the end. you were not our tree, and we probably wont miss you, but had a nice life mr. tree. may you make wonderful stationary.


Modest Mousketeer said...

Poor tree... never knew what hit him. Crack kills too, does she know that?

always sunny said...

someone should seriously consider telling her.