Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 elephants, 2 giraffes, a hippo and Buzz.

i HATE packing. hate. hate. hate.
this happens every single time i have to pack. every time.
i start to pack, then i look around and think "oh my god...i'm going to come home to this?"
then i start to clean up, tidy this, tidy that...and BAM it's 10:00 and i am not packed. then i get mad.
i start throwing my clothes around like how dare them not have packed themselves. seriously. how could they? can't they see i am BUSY? do you know how much crap a 3 year old wants to bring along??? lanna has a giant suitcase full of animals, all of which have a baby and a baby's daddy. she likes everything she owns in pairs. and god forbid we leave one behind. everything will be ruined. it was a hunt for baby giraffe tonight and in the middle of it she says "i have to go hide" (that means crap her pants) OH NO YOU DON'T...and i ran her to the bathroom as fast as we could go. she made it!!! and she did it. she pooped. finally. today was day three of holding it. when she finished she ran out to nathan and says "daddy! i did it! i pooped, i am SO happy about it!"
we are finally 90% packed. the other 10% will happen when i remove my butt from this chair. it's hard to do.
ok, here i go. this is me leaving, this is me leaving. we are off to the rock tomorrow and plan on uploading plenty of pics when we return.


Modest Mousketeer said...

Typical... scum-bag daddy's not caring for their baby mamma to be brought along as well!