Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's almost time.

vacation time, that is. AND my birthday. it's almost my birthday.
we are headed to whidbey this weekend for a much needed vacation. i have not taken more then 3 days off since we moved here, and this is only a week, but its a WEEK and i will enjoy every day of it. i get to see my new little niece daphne, and i can hardly stand it. i have gotten a few pictures of her, and she is the cutest little snuggle bug if i ever saw one. i have another niece on the way, her name is madeliene. i will get to meet her in june when she is here for nathan's comic who ha. this week has been especially long and challenging. i don't like to blog about work, because that sucks, but on top of it being long, i have been hopped up on benadryl for the last 3 days and i have been making my coworkers nervous. it's like working while you are completely drunk. and i work with a lot of numbers and money. oooooooh dear, wish me the best.

lanna is of course excited for the easter bunny. she is trying especially hard not to crap her pants. and i mean that quite literally. she still will not poop in the toilet. she is getting so close, but i just cannot make that last shove. she will graduate to the "more mature kids with backpacks room" in july, and i cannot imagine her entering that room and being the only on not able to go poop in the potty. i called her on the phone last night pretending to be the easter bunny. now, obviously he was too busy to make the call himself, so i had to do it.
me: is this lanna obrien?

lanna: yes, it's me.

me: lanna, HI this is the easter bunny. can you hear me ok?

lanna: yes grandpa, i can hear you.

me: this is not grandpa, this is the easter bunny....OK?

lanna: um, ok. hi grandpa....!!!

me. LANNA THIS IS THE EASTER BUNNY. i have a very important message for you. i need you to listen to your mommy and daddy, and i need you to be very good about using the big potty. can you do that for me?

lanna: ok. will.
________________ end of call.

me: lanna, who was on the phone?

lanna: it was the easter bunny, but he sounded like grandpa.

me: oh really? what did he tell you?

lanna: he said he was going to leave me some eggs.

oh. crap.