Wednesday, January 23, 2008

daddy's on that plane!

nathan is on a short trip to LA and boarded his plane yesterday morning. we pick him up tonight and we are pretty excited about it. i pick lanna up from school and we hurry home to check the mail and have some cheese. as we walk up the steps a huge plane flies overhead. (we are just 10 mn from the airport) lanna said "there he is!!! there is daddy! daddy is on THAT PLANE!" she says. i told her that he was still in california and that we had to wait just a few more hours and they we can go get him. she replied "noooo...daddy is on THAT one and he is sitting on his bum...I CAN SEE HIM".
of course i say. well, it's a darn good thing he is seated and i hope he is buckled up.
"yep he is!".



Modest Mousketeer said...

Daddy made it home, right?