Friday, November 7, 2008

on the crazier side

i have many requests for children's birthday parties, reunions, ect.. that i make lip balm in more 'usual' kid scents. i will be adding some of these this weekend! they are fun and i am now doing customizable labels. and i will print anything you want on them. yes anything. i had a fun bunch here locally for a batchlorette party. i won't tell you what they said. use your imiganaiton.
for the kid in you, or for you actual kid, i will be listing

sweet orange
chocolate bar
cherry limeaide
and for more of the adult in you i am working on
gloss. much like the tints, but more gloss for your fancy self!
also new scents in balm are going to be

vanilla bean (with real beautiful beans in it!)
ginger lime
honey tangerine
tangerine lime
chocolate coconut
fresh lemon
vanilla pear