Monday, November 17, 2008

in case you live under a rock

since the famous omeltteville and homelessville, and the HUGE hit of dick in a box hit, america has been wanting more. you know what thanksgiving means to me? JT on SNL. and i look forward to it every year. this year he had to cancel and still somehow managed not to disapoint. here is this the skit that JT did last week. i love this man.

make sure to watch him as beyonce's back up dancer as well. delicious.


home2k9 Alpha said...

That skit was alright... it was JT, Andy (and that other guy) in tights and high heels as Beyonce's backup dancers that I've been replaying daily. SO. FUNNY. He's amazing.

Amber Leilani said...

i was never a fan - even after dick in a box - but after saturday night's episode - i may very well have been converted! both skits were hilarious, but i have to say the one as beyonce's backup dancer had me crying i was laughing so hard!!!!

Karen said...

Apparently I do live under a rock . . . : )