Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanksgiving is just a few days away!
i am so very excited. i just love spending the holidays with the 3 of us.
it's quiet, entertaining and the best part is we can do whatever we want! nathan and i both have a long weekend, which really never happens and i am looking forward to it.
we went to whidbey this last weekend to take care of oma. it was another short trip where yet again we were not able to see our dear friends, and i am sorry sorry sorry. (please believe me)
oma is slowly getting over being non-compliant and keeping her butt in the chair while she heals. i just hope she does this time.

i have been busy busy busy with orders, creations and getting ready for the holidays!
i have a ton of special orders that i have been working on and dec. 6th i am doing a christmas show here in spokane. it is
The Vintage at Spokane.
at a brand new senior community on the northside
If you are in the area, please come see all the wonderful local artists.


SortaFlowering Designs said...

That sounds like a fun show, hope you have a great time, and post us all some pictures! :)

always sunny said...

i sure will!
i cant wait.

Anonymous said...

do you have any more details about the show? I am in the area and would love to stop by!

PS will you be selling lip balms at the show?

always sunny said...

hi there!
yes, i am bringing all of my yummy balms! i should be working on them as i type...but i will soon.:)

i was invited to join, so i am not directly affiliated with it, basically what i know is it's a great little show that will showcase mainly local sellers and all sorts of arts and crafts will be there. i will have lip balm and all of my jewelry. i will actually close my online shop that day and sell what i can at the show. i am thinking that all of my jewelry will be one set price and it will be a bit lower than my online listing. how exciting!!! i have a contact if you need to contact the person in charge. thanks!


Anonymous said...

oh cool! No I was just wondering exactly where and a time or whatever. I live in the area and have always liked your stuff on etsy- I just thought about stopping by and picking up some christmas gifts! :)


always sunny said...

i have never actually been there. if you click the white link in the post, it takes you to the address. i am goign to have to look it up here sometime this week to make sure i can find it. she mentioned somethign about being close to Holy Family Hosp.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to go, but I will have to see if I can find any info out online. The link doesn't seem to have an address or the correct location- as it looks like its showing somewhere in Browns addition....

Good luck! :)

Jaime said...

ugh- I am so slow sometimes! I thought the SHOW was called the vintage, I didn't realize that the actual place was called that! I found the address... I hope to be able to make it! :)

always sunny said...

i foudn it in my email.

43 E. Weile Ave Spokane WA 99208