Thursday, March 12, 2009

i promise...

random cute photo
i'm not trying to ditch my blog. i swear.
with all this packing and cleaning, i just feel tired. and no one likes to hear about that, so i'm not going to tell you about it. we've all heard it a million times. so...until i no longer feel like a bag of sand, i won't be doing short updates like i had originally planned. (i whine on facebook, not on here)

however i will tell you where we are.
we had the appraisal done and as soon as that gets submitted to the bank, things will start to circulate again. we called comcast today to have our service transferred. i know it's a love hate thing with most people, but i have to say comcast is very good to us. they love us in fact. we get lots of new things and extra stuff, just because they love us. i think we have been with them for 13 years or so now. they let us pick our date and time and if we need to change it because the close date gets pushed back, that's ok too. that's a load off.

saturday, not looking so hot. it's an 'open house' for us, and our landlord will be here and so will strangers. not lovely. anywhoo, i am on path to going to bed early. i intend to keep it, or i can only imagine i will get myself a timeout. have a lovely evening! off to dry my hair...