Friday, March 6, 2009

starting to pack...

so, this whole packing thing has really gotten lanna confused.
she needs constant reassurance that we will not forget her things. i will blog more on this later but the best thing i have heard her say was yesterday and she just asked again. it must be very important.
she is in bed and calls to me.

lanna: mommy...i have a question!

me: ok, hold on. i will be in there in a mn.

lanna: it's a really important one...hurry!

now, i am thinking ok, she left her creamsicle out here somewhere...let me try to find h...
lanna: mommy hurry!

me: okok. what is it lanna?

lanna: we are going to take our gatorade with us RIGHT!?


Randi said...

I know that when I moved I spend many sleepless nights worrying whether or not my husband remembered to correctly label the "Gatorade" box. ;)
lol. What a cutie!

drollgirl said...

oh, that is adorable.

LF family said...

seriously. lanna, i can't even imagine the chaos that would take over if you weren't there to keep thing together. we are with you honey!!!! can't wait to fall down your new stairs!