Sunday, December 14, 2008

santa's list and my weekend

this is lanna on the sky bridge in the downtown mall when we went to the santa express.

i can't really think of anything i want.
this generally happens yearly leaving my husband scratching his head. we had decided this year that we are going to not do more then stockings for each other and just get a few things for lanna. she does not make this any easier either. if you ask she what she wants for christmas, she will reply with a "i don't know." we finally got out of her last week that she would like some thomas train toys. she is so happy with just about anything, and that makes it really fun. she can recall where each and every one of her things came from and who gave it to her. she by far has a way better memory than i do. clearly. she remembrs exactly what was in her stocking last year and with the pile of presents she got she can place them all to a name. she reminds me of the little kid in the velveteen rabbit. all of her things are that special to her. they all have a name and a story.

nathan and i finally decided that we would do just a few small gifts for each other, because i found him something and got it. :) AND our electricity company sent us a $300. check!! as a refund for using less power this year. SCORE. the only thing i can think of that i need is bead containers. how exciting. and i have a lot, but you know, as soon as the new one is full (and that takes about 20 mn) you need another one. basically anytime i go bead shopping i need a new one.

this has been a very productive weekend. lots and lots of lip balm making. i got in my order of 400 tubes and it's nearly gone. whew! on the upside, it smells great in here! it's white here. just a dusting is left, we had some rain yesterday. i just stepped outside to paint something. GREAT IDEA. i am thinking MY GOD it's cold. i mean, the cold that hurts. it was dang cold last night, and i just looked at my little thermometer. well, it feels cold because it's THREE degrees. and it said it was -4 when i woke up. all this week its supposed to be in the negatives. great. just great. i wanted to get out there and take some of our holiday photo's but all i can do is say the F word when i walk outside, so scratch that. * i have since pulled indoors the spray painted item and we are all currently breathing in toxic fumes and having coffee. it smells like pure gasoline. ok, onto making things. if i can. i think i feel a brain tumor coming on. wish me luck. i promise photos SOON! you see, it's dark when i come home so that puts a damper on that stuff.
ok, this is me leaving now.


home2k9 Alpha said...

Sending. Gas. Masks. Now.

Be careful, you'll end up with a lip balm flavor called "poison."