Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i heart zicam

this stuff is the best stuff ever.
way better then airborne, ect...
it comes in many forms. sprays, melt tabs and swabs.
i prefer swabs. i don't have to eat or smell anything this way. it's just a wet little swab that you rub in your nose and wala...done. repeat a couple of times a day. i get rid of anything i may have coming on with this and i use it on lanna too. less often for kids, but there are kid versions too. this stuff is the best. i used when i took the tablets it made me a little queezy. its a ZINC tab, or stick and a lot of zinc in your body at once can make you feel a little ick for about 5 mn or so. i don't get that feeling at all with the swab. you can find these babies pretty much anywhere. i get them at target or safeway. they are highly recommended with flu season coming up. a few months back nathan and i got a really bad head cold. lanna woke up with a fever and a bad cough. i started swabbing her often and she completely got rid of hers by the next day. we were still sick and she was A-OK. she is often the only one in her class that does not get sick. if you already have symptoms it shortens them dramatically-but you need to catch it in the first 48 hours of feeling it. if it's already been a week, it's too late. this stuff circles my work constantly. we will buy a costco box of them and people can use them as they need to. I LOVE IT.
i print off a coupon every time i need more.
you can too!


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I always wondered if this stuff works. Because of the price, I have always passed on it. I have been buying the homeopathic remedies for my children, but if this works too - its gonna be on my list! Thank you so much for writing this down