Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy birthday my love!

new years day is nathan's birthday around here. we do celebrate, but for him. we will be celebrating all weekend (we work friday) and then will resume in the spring. it's hard to really get out and do things and celebrate the way we should in the winter. since nathan and i are both turning 3o this year, the festivities will continue into the spring. i love you more and more every day and i hope you have a wonderful birthday. we will most likely be batteling the question before breakfast:
do we eat red velvet cake or bacon? ok, both.


sofia said...

Happy three-0 old Nathan!! You are catching up with us old folk.... It really isn't so bad..Laura says she thinks Adam doesn't like the three-0 either. I thank God that my feet touch the ground when I get out of bed every morning... Have a wonderful decade.. It will be great

home2k9 Alpha said...

Happy Birthday Guy! We love you!!