Thursday, December 4, 2008


this is a really exciting one!

it's a best seller that i have and i am sure you will just love it!

it is a 12mm aqua faceted quartz on your choice of chain. AND you can pick your length!! gets better...when you enter, if you post this on your blog...the winner can pick any other person who has left a comment to win one too!! this will be short lived, because if you win it and want to give it as a christmas present, you will get it in time. how awesome is that?!

you will have your choice of

copper chain, sterling silver chain, or blackened silver chain and any length.

* to enter

post a comment here and tell me the craziest thing you have ever gotten for xmas and who it was from. and by crazy, i mean "oh really? you shouldn't have. seriously."

i have a good one. :)
the winner will be announced on Monday December 15th.
something good has to come out of a monday right?


home2k9 Alpha said...

I could be rushing my decision a little, but I'm pretty sure the most ridiculous x-mas gift I've been given was a Humidor. Yes, a vintage cigar or pipe tobacco storing device made of very thick leather...

'Cuz I'm such a smoker. Not.

Ugh, I know YOU have a good one, I remembered it instantly.

Ashley said...

that is ADORABLE! I must win it!!! Excited to find your blog from Home2k9.

I think the weirdest thing I've ever gotten as a gift is one of these... there is really no way to explain the old ladyness of it, so why not link:

Can I just say I'm not 80 years old. I'm a young married woman in her 20s. Yeaaa... it was weird.

always sunny said...
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always sunny said...
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always sunny said...

i knew this was going to be a good one! those are hysterical!!! people are going to love reading all of these.

cam, holy crap do you still have that?

i am so sorry.

mine? my weirdest gift was a
box of melba toast. seriously. and it was given to me with sheer excitement from my MIL. imagine it. you turn the box over because the acutal gift must be inside of the cracker box...and no. the box is sealed. what do you do? you panic and sweat. is this a joke? is it real? does she think it's funny. you read her she is genuinly excited. and now you do your best acting on how wonderul that was.

Stacy Ann said...

Rach- I miss you... I think I lost your email address so I had to use this to ask... What is your mailing address? sw

babyhoot. said...

my inlaws gave my husband and I a vacuum one year; because they remembered how I had commented on how I liked the one they had. The thing that made it sucky- his sister opened up $400 in cash just before we opened our gift (guess you can't take a vacuum back home on the airplane).

that's my favorite necklace, ya know!

dkjpaperco. said...

oh i love love love that necklace! sadly, i can't think of any weird gifts i've received but i can think of a funny one i gave... when i was about 17 i gave my then boyfriend black underwear (briefs) with 'home of the whopper' on the front. i had the words put on myself and gave him the gift in front of my parents! he was such a sweet, shy guy and he turned about fifty shades of bright red! it was hilarious.

i came by to tell you i linked to you on my blog - and i can't wait for my purchases to arrive!

Anonymous said...

I have received a men's shaving kit for a gift exchange. It was horrible!
It was a huge company, and I never did find out who gave it to me....
I don't know why I am always hopeful on those damn gift exchanges I always have bad luck with them.
ashlomb at yahoo dot com

Laura said...

So I think that the weirdest gift I ever received was a T-shirt from the Azteca Restaurant from my aunt. All four of us got a different color, and I think she even called my mom to find out what size we each wear. This was only two or three years ago too.

Lula Dahl said...

My family thinks that because I have two cats and love them dearly, that I like to own things with cats on them. They think I want everything I own to have a print of a cat face on it. Or say 'meow' or 'purr.' For the record, I don't want ANYTHING that has cats on it! Last year, my aunt gave me a glass cutting board with five cats on it, which I never even took out of the package by the way. The year before that it was Christmas ornaments with cats on it. I am praying that this year it isn't a sweater with cats on it!

Now I am off to post your lovely items from Etsy on my blog... :)

Sidney Ann said...

Last year a good friend of mine gave me Syphilis. Yeah, five pink plush stuffed animal-like baby viruses and one momma virus conveniently packaged in a plastic tin. Hilarious, but really?

Caloden said...

Wow, the humidor is pretty hard to beat. but, hmmm, the craziest year my dad gave me a set of night lights, like the kind you might set up if you had shot something in a dark forest and then had to illuminate the ground to gut something. Or maybe if you were having a late night photo shoot and needed extra lighting for the models. The thing is is that I am neither a hunter of a photographer. I am not sure what he was thinking.