Thursday, January 1, 2009

new lip balms for the new year!

huckleberry, creme brulee and raspberry truffle.
happy new year to your lips!


CutieFruity/TaylorFam said...

YUM! how do you come up with all these flavors?

Randi said...

Ooooh yeah! I'm going to have to drop in for this one. Hubby LOVES your lip balm. Hahaha. Sounds funny to say though.
At Christmas he was using his "Creamsicle" flavor one and my sister asked if he was using lipgloss. His defensive response was "Well, it's natural AND handmade!" I've trained him so well. :)

always sunny said...

paula, i have no idea. i just tap into my awesome side, the best i can.

i laughed so hard. GOOD MAN. good man. my new ones are less shiny, good for boy lips too. :)