Thursday, January 8, 2009


ooooh it's that time again!
this one is just going to be wonderful. i can tell. i made these earrings for myself and i adore them! i wear them all the time and i even get the comments at work, "uh, you already wore those"
so i knew i needed to share them. you will love them too! these are sweet little brass colored branches with little leaves. they are so sweet! and they great part...they go with everything!
i will be including a beautiful bath and body works bronze makeup bag. **remember**
if you post this on your blog, you get to pick anyone else who has commented to to receive this same great gift!

tell me your worst winter experience thus far. there are so many things that we don't think of when we are calling snow bad things like "fun, pretty, great...ect."
ok fine, it's pretty. on the trees. give me your best/worst story you have encountered. even the every day small stuff that we tend to forget about. it can be short, just a few sentences, or even just a good "i hate winter."

like the time when we woke up and had to spend 2.5 hours shoveling ourselves out of the driveway, only to find out...the road still has 2 feet of snow, and no snow plow has come by yet. you cant really pull out onto a road that is up to your shins. not cool.

or, when you have been out of groceries for a week (and contemplating eating cat food) and you finally decide you can't take it anymore and travel to the store. you get stuck at every stop you make and strangers have to push you out. ONLY to discover when you finally make it out of the store with your basket CRAMMED ASS FULL of everything in the the hell are you going to push a cart across the parking lot with a foot of snow? let me tell you. you aren't. you will attempt do do it, spilling groceries at every massive shove that you give the cart. you will fall down and practically break your butt, say a bad word then apologize to the baby for using mild profanity such as 'stupid'. you will hold up very angry drivers who want to turn- but you are 'too busy falling down'. you will somehow make it to the car, while yet another stranger helps you with the cart, 400lbs of groceries and a 4 year old old in the front and all. you will want to put the groceries away but OOooooh...look at this, the trunk is frozen shut. you will smile, thank the man, tell him that you have everything under control and pray to the sweet sweet block of cheese that you have- and hope by kicking the trunk 'it will somehow pop it open'. by golly it works and you throw them in there as fast as you can and get the H E double hockey sticks out of that nasty parking lot. you know, things like this that suck.

and GO!


CutieFruity/TaylorFam said...

okay, it's not mine, but my husbands.

last year we went up to his Uncle's near white pass. He thought it would be fun to take the four year old and the four wheeler up into the mountains. 3 hours later, I thought that they had been gone a while. I went looking for them to no avail, and then again an hour later where I found them walking down the road at the bottom of the mountain.

Apparently they got to the top of the mountain and the 4wheeler fell into a 6 foot deep snow drift. Sarah was cold and wet. John ended up carrying her all the way down the mountain. She cried and whined. Halfway down she fell asleep and he carried her across his shoulders for about an hour. She was practicly an ice cube and his boots were totally ruined.

He loves the winter, I try to avoid it at all costs.

StudioCherie said...

I really can't top yours, Rachel. The worst thing for me was not being able to plan Gabrielle's birthday party because who knew if anyone would be able to get here. So I've put it off 'till Spring. I think that sucks pretty bad for an 8 year old, so we'll have to make it a great one.

I also just wanted to say, please don't pray to cheese.

Amber Leilani said...

well, i live in new orleans, so we don't really have the same winter as the rest of the country.

however... it did snow here this year in december- for one day - and of course, it freaked everyone out. the whole city shut down. for about an inch and a half of slushy snow that stuck for about an hour.

so, my story is -- on my way to work that day, i thought it would be fun to take some pictures of the garden district, all decked out for christmas under a (small) blanket of the white stuff. now, since i am not used to snow, i just didn't think when i hit the button to roll my driver's side window down -- and poof!! all this slushy whiteness that had built up on the window fell INTO MY CAR---ON TOP OF ME! not a happy camper. i took one photo and drove to work wet and cold.
it was 75 degrees the next day.

on a side note - i've never tried praying to cheese, but it sounds like it's worth a shot!

Sidney Ann said...

The three posts above are all fine and dandy, but get this: I almost got stuck at my parents' house at Christmas. To make matters worse, while shoveling snow I hurt my back... again. It still takes me a while to stand completey upright after sitting. Yeah!

Sidney Ann said...

I forgot to mention how cute these are and how much I want them. They would go really well with this SUPER FANTASTIC necklace I won last month.

JaimeA said...

Well this winter has been pretty ridulous here. I am orginally from Seattle, and that is where my husband and I go every Christmas to see our families. This year I started a job as a nurse and was scheduled to work Christmas day night. Just to be safe, we bought plane tickets to go to Seattle from Spokane instead of driving- to make sure we got home in time for me to go to work. Anyway Christmas week was the week that it decided to snow. Like 3 feet. Our flight, along with many many others was cancelled. No Christmas at home with family for the holidays. Instead we tried to make the best of it and went to the lodge/water park in Kellogg. It was fun- different for sure, but fun. Am I the only one that feels like the holidays just weren't the same this year?

Jackie said...

My best and worst go being in Mazatlan for a week with family. Worst: coming home to - 25 degree weather. We had more than a 100 degree temperature swing in 4 hours!

cheeky monkey said...

Wwent to Colorado for Christmas this year. It was awesome but the trip back to Texas was not so much fun at all.

On our way down the mountain from Winter Park....our windshield wiper fluid for our stupid rental car wouldn't work and with all of the dirt that was on the ground flying up on the windshield made it impossible to see. We had to pull over very carefully and throw water that we had on the windsheild. It lasted for 5 minutes until we couldn't see again. If we had the wipers on it made it worse. We had to stop every couple of miles. That was the scariest trip down a mountain I have ever taken.

Anonymous said...

I live in Austin, texas so we pretty much just have a boring 30-60 degree winter.
I guess I could put "I hate winter" because we rarely see white christmases.

Worst: I always work on Christmas eve & day. I work in healthcare, so we never get a day off. Gotta save lives on a holiday!

ashlomb at

Michele Reed said...

I live in Southern California....and wow....I feel like I can't really complain about the weather, but the rain (when it does rain) around here seems to fall very time while driving home from my sister's I went from nothing to pouring cats/dogs/frogs/puppies/kittens/etc in no time flat....I could barely see the freeway,,,then it was clear again...and then cats and dogs again, Crazy! Such pretty earrings! Thank you for a cool giveaway!

carolync said...

well i think this winter has been my worst ever in my life and my family's. First my son engagement was broken. then we had a house fire and lost 95% of everything we own.And this all happened on my son's birthday. Then my dad fell off of a ladder broke/shattered his elbow and bruised his pelvic area. and then on my daughters birthday my son was involved in a hit and run car accident. totaling his beloved Miata.

always sunny said...

it was your daughters birthday yesterday!? what are the odds of that. 2 horrible things, one on each of their birthdays. in a WEEK. oh my god. yes, this has been a horrid 2 weeks for you.