Saturday, January 24, 2009

lanna's future partner,

i blame oma for this one.
when i was a baby/toddler oma would scritch my back pretty much any time i asked as well as every night before i went to sleep. well it stuck. since nathan and i have been together, it has become a full time job. and he never complains about it. this is why he is so wonderful. well... as i am sitting here about to drag out all of my beads i hear "daddy, scritch me. no, right here. higher. a little over that way...yah!" and then...a teeny tiny glare pointed in my direction from the husband. this is a life long chore for someone. i just wonder who...
i apologize to her future spouse. and to be clear, it's oma's fault.


Home2k9 said...

I wish my husband didn't complain about it... jerk.

gran family said...

my mother in law did the same thing to my husband; and she also scratched the kids backs too. Now I've got 4 people who snuggle up asking for me to "Scratch it, not rub it please!"
I grew up in a queen size bed, and wasn't happy giving up half of it to my hubby. We are keeping our kids in twin beds until they move out; so their spouses can thank us later.

Sweetest Petula said...

what a cute little monkey pants that Lanna is.

I just love her.

She has learned to ask for exactly what she wants, and growing up with an awesome dad will ensure she doesn't settle for someone less than accomodating to the "scritches".

Anonymous said...

No sleepover was complete with a "tickle my arm" from you know who :) Melinda