Saturday, January 31, 2009


we are gearing up for superbowl ie: snacks. (national chicken wing day.)
probably one of my MOST favorite days.
it was a beautiful sunny saturday and i hear sun is in the forecast for the next week. so what if the high temp is 30, the sun is out and that makes it ok. poor lanna has gotten what nathan and i had. we both had our share of the stomach flu and now unfortunately it was her turn. i really thought she was in the clear. the little think has not gotten off the couch since 8am except for her quick bath. she has a temperature, headache and a belly ache. let's hope she gets better soon!
while she rests, i am enjoying this: and now it's time to make pretty things.


gran family said...

hey, cherry coke zero is MY favorite too!!

Home2k9 said...

Superbowl snacks by Rachel = LEGENDARY! Wish we could be grazing together...