Monday, August 18, 2008

you have a five pound WHAT?!

in a phone conversation with nathan's mom a month or 2 back she informs me "OH! guess what i got?...i got a 5lb hula hoop". i'm sorry you got a what?! why on earth would you purchase something like that? well it's all the rage in the Curve's classes and they really work. one the the best workouts known to man is belly dancing. and while i am not, i repeat not a belly dancer, i thought trying other methods may be effective. i told her that i would give her 2 months and see how it went before i go out and jump on the bandwagon.

after 2 months, she is in pants she has not fit into in over 6 years and has lost several pounds. i could not push the "order now" button faster. it took one whole agonizing week, and i finally got my hoop. there are three different weights, and she suggested to start with the heaviest, so like a lunatic-i did just that. this little piece of yummy arrived last wed in a small box and you put each link together in a rainbow fashion. i believe there is rainbow pattern, pink, and some other shade of blue that i remember seeing. it depends on the weight i think. i'm not really sure- i picked out the prettiest one and got it. the first time i tried it (and she warned me) it hurt like a son-of-a sea biscuit. it is scalloped on the inside and it feels like you are standing in one place and someone is running circles around you poking you in the midsection with a dull fire poker as hard as they can. i was concerned that it might actually crack my spine, but nonetheless i am just fine. it is normal to bruise the first week or two and just earned my first bruise yesterday. it feels like you have done 300 sit ups for the first time ever. it is not that terrible, but i will not glamorize it. you are not supposed to hoop more than 1 measly minute for the first week but it was so much fun i just had to give it 6 mn on the second day. hence my bruise. it's like anything else, once the pain passes, it actually gets easier. i am launching a '2 week hula hoop blog update' and i will actually tell you all my progress.

i scoured online and ebay as well, because i always think i can find anything on ebay for cheaper, but not this. it was the same price and the ones that were listed for less on ebay had 20.00 shipping hiding on there. i got it at
this hula hoops costs 40.00 and it well worth it.
stay tuned for the update!


Anonymous said...

This sounds scary and fun at the same time. Good luck... once I know for sure that you survive I may give it a try.

always sunny said...

i was forced to bring it to work today and you should see these hooligans in the hallway right now! and i work in a hospital! :)

Modest Mousketeer said...

I'm just thinking of all the other applications this equipment could have... Carriage wheel? Clearly defining perimeter for the "circle of trust"? Biscuit cookie cutter? Monorail track? Paper weight at a paper manufacturing company? The equator?

Have fun and don't forget to update us! Did you take your measurements? Will you need some Arnica?

always sunny said...

Monorail is right. it feels like that is running over you. and this is one thing you can NEVER do. it would literally break you like a twig.