Friday, August 15, 2008

ahhhh the weekend.

it's supposed to be 101 degrees tomorrow, and while i might melt to a puddle of sweet nothing, i will NOT complain as it will soon be -3 out. ooooh how i hate when summer closes in.
SCORTCH ME!! SCORTCH ME GOOD! i say. i at least want the feeling that i got some really bad heat, and then the feeling that i had enough and then a proper good-bye. dear summer, don't you sneak out on me. tell me bye first and make sure i am ok with it. thank you.

we have quite a nice weekend ahead of us.
tonight was the family reunion of todd and andrea that i photographed. it went really well and i got some great shots. tomorrow is amber's wedding and i am photographer for the day as well. i am quite excited for that and with permission, i may post some photo's. amber is getting married in coeur d' alene and we love to go visit that area, so it's a win-win. i will write more when all is over. here is a photo of lanna tonight as the hulk.
have a great weekend!