Tuesday, August 5, 2008

oh where oh where can my little ring be?

what a bizarre past week. and this one. and it's not over yet.
not the best week i can think of, but definitely not the worst.
my headaches are back. every day. why? this is what i have wondered for years and i am tired of wondering. after week 2 of a dull headache all.the.time you start to feel a little crazy and unfocused. i got headaches on a daily basis for years. when i had lanna they went away and i was so thankful. but now i am not feeling so thankful. it's not a caffeine issue, diet issue, i drink a ton of water every day, get plenty of sleep...so hopefully that narrows it down. the *slightest* bit of stress gives me one, and it can last for days, so maybe that is it, but if i am stressed, i am unaware of it.

event one.
last week a wore a brand new white shirt to work and the first thing i did was dump my coffee all down the front of me. after sponging it out for 20 mn, i looked like i had just missed the wet t-shirt contest by a few mn, and i was the only one who got the memo.
event two.
i lost my wedding ring. i cant find i anywhere, and i know it's at least at home, so i have not freaked out yet. i remember something like "oh this is a weird place to put this, i bet i will forget it's here..."

event three.
nathan and i had friday off and for weeks we had planned on going to the coueu d' alene street dair to eat taco's. delicious delicious tacos like we had last year. the weather sucked on friday, so we bailed at the last minute and went to the downriver grill and has gorgonzola fries. they were heavenly. and soooo worth it. we decided to go to the fair on saturday with lanna. we go there, tummy's all hungry and ready to shovel in out taco's. well, what do we have here? NO TACOS. we went to idaho for tacos and left with my new addiction. peppermint saltwater taffy. let me know if you need a sample.

event four.
yesterday was nathan and i's anniversary (hence the weekend of dates) and when we got to lanna's school we found out she had been moved into the big kid room. we were really excited for her but had the feeling at the same time that she was being whisked away on the kindergarten bus and i would never see her again. she had a great day. when we got there, she was riding a scooter. a scooter! just like a big kids. she was even wearing a giant helmet, that she insisted that one of the teachers put on her because if she rode a scooter without it, she might be issued a "safety violation". nathan and i get at least 3 a week. she means business. we were so stunned to see her on a scooter that we just froze. we were so proud of her, but were so worried that she was going to face plant into a well planted tree. she saw us and started to push off and fast as she possibly could and show us her badass scooter skills. her hair was a mess, and her cheeks were bright red. her shirt was just filthy, and you could tell that she earned every little bit of it and loved it. i heard that she would remind the kids in her old room every few hours "im in the big kid room now....i miss you guys, but i am taller..." we took her out to dinner. we went to azteca and we all shared chicken fajitas and let her order desert. she picked the fried ice cream with chocolate. she told the waiter we are celebrating "i'm in the other room- because i am taller" .

chips and salsa and ice cream!
to close, i went to bed at 7:45pm and slept all night.

WELL WELL WELL. it looks like when i posted this, it just erased HALF of it. sorry, you don't get the rest of it. maybe tomorrow. i don't want to re-type it all. it was good too. bummer.


Modest Mousketeer said...

So much change for our little Lanz! I'm very proud of her mad growing skillz, hope the "big kid room" continues to be awesome and that she doesn't suddenly realize she's the shortest one in that room. :o)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your headaches, that sucks. I get headaches every now and then from tension and I use Origins Peace of Mind on the spot relief. It sure helps me. I hope you find something to help you!

always sunny said...

thank you callista!
i am definately going to try that.

i know. :(
our little spud is growing up! it makes me really sad, but i love who she is and it is really fun at the same time. i cant wait for you to see her. oct 1st here we come!