Tuesday, August 12, 2008

boy's don't wear dresses!

lanna: mom look at my bum, isin't it cute?

me: it's the cutest little tiny bum i have ever seen.

lanna: i like my new skirt, do you like it?

me: i love your skirt, and i love that it's green.

lanna: daddy does not have a skirt, only you and i do. boys don't wear skirts do they..

me: no, acutally some boys do wear skirts. and even dresses. and sadly look better than i do.

lanna: scrunched her nose and in a creepy monster voice : nooooo, that's silly, they don't wear skirts!

me: no really, some boys do. and it is just fine. and in 10 years i hope to take you to a show where boys wear dresses.

lanna: that's silly! i dont think they wear dresses.

me: yes, they do. and you will love it. it will probably be one of the most entertaing show you will attend.

lanna: can i eat popcorn?

me: of course.


Stacy Ann said...

This makes my day... I miss you guys!

LF family said...

shall i send her a picture of lijah and jo in skirts?

always sunny said...

YES! she will love that!