Sunday, August 10, 2008

approaching four.

i can't believe lanna is almost four. FOUR. it makes me really sad. she is growing up so much and i constantly remind her that she is a big girl, but she is my BABY. lijah will be four this week and i am so wishing we were there to celebrate with him. i hate missing it. we will be there in a few more weeks and will make it up then. he is going on a train ride today to start the festivities. i can't wait to see those photo's. he and lanna have much in common. i can't think of anything lanna would love more than a special train ride.

she is now asking logical questions and listens to the answers very carefully. when we pull out of the drive way she points back to the house and says, "we live that way right?" yes, we live that way. "and we are going the other direction...which is away from the house." yes. that is right. she can spell CAT and DOG. every time she sees a dog now she yells LOOK! it's a D.O.G! she can recognize letters easier than she can write them at the moment, that is something that we are currently working on. she recognizes her name, and the words mom and dad. she said yesterday, omie, pop-pop and lijah live really far away from me. and cam, she works with glasses and has a mirror. it's down a really long road. i have to take a boat to get there. it's far, but i like to go see them. maybe we can go see them right now? i will have to tell my teachers that we will go see them. i wont be in school for my snack. i was astonished that she was planning her absence, and knew the teachers would notice. and how bout that snack? that would be a shame if it went to waste.

we had taken lanna to two movies in the past and neither of them went too well. one better than the other, but we wanted to try again this weekend. we went to a small theater here and saw kung fu panda yesterday. before we left we had the talk. now, you need to be very good while we are in there. your seat is your seat and there is no hopping around. it's important when you pick a seat to stay in it. if you keep moving, they will ask us to leave and that-will be a total bummer. she listened. we got her a small bag of popcorn and she didn't so much as blink the whole time. it was a riot. the seats are extremely flexible, so when she sat in them she folded like a taco. her feet were straight up in the air, and she watched the movie through her shoes. we had her sit criss-cross-apple sauce after a while and that helped. she stayed put until the last 10 mn, where she sat on my lap. she did it. she mastered the theater. good thing, the whole place was packed. we saw a preview for wall-e and asked her if she wanted to come back to see that. while in the car, she piped in "i already saw that. we just saw that!" no, you saw the preview, it was not the movie. NO, i saw it, i don't need to see it again. fair enough. we will continue this later. on the way out of the theater all of us were piling out in a single file line and she yells as we step outside LOOK!!! it's BIRD POOP!!!!"

my weekends have been full of aerosmith. nathan is in possession of guitar hero. he plays while lanna grabs her giant tin can, with a marker in each hand. she bangs on the cans right along with him. she came into the kitchen to tell me "mom, dad and i are in a band...i don't think you are are in it...but i love you."