Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i am featured on the front page of ETSY!!! right now!

jessica from babyhoot discovered that i am on the FRONT PAGE of etsy! the person made a lovely treasury, and it would have been even more lovely had i known. how great! whooo hoooo!
and it's a pretty one! thank you jessica for discovering this!!! whew! close one.
rachel is screaming:
I AM FAMOUS FOR LIKE 2 WHOLE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


babyhoot. said...

what are the odds that I saw that?! I never go to the etsy front page either, I did it by accident as I was off to another website, saw the photo and said, "wow, that looks like something rachel would make". So I went back to the page and it was you!
that's so cool, now you get to use that little button that says "I was featured on the Front Page!"

Modest Mousketeer said...


Congrats and good work on not making the front page of "something" for some "other" less awesome reason. Way to be.

always sunny said...

hahahah! hear hear.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Congrats!