Sunday, June 1, 2008

a few critters here and there

this is where we used to sit, and water was generally 10ft. away from this bench.
it was just 6" from the sidewalk tonight.

the weekend was pretty un-eventful in the sun department, but we did acomplish a few chores. we decided on a date for the yard sale, june 14th. weather permitting of course. we waited for lanna to take her nap and we sncuk upstairs and organized a few things and went thru boxes that we have not looked in since we moved here. i am ecstatic to get rid of stuff. today's weather mproved greatly around 4pm and by 5:30 we decided that a walk was in much need. we headed to gonzaga, parked and walked centennial trail. the wild life was out in full force. the water was indeed raging and that was so cool to see. not the flood part, but the crash part.

baby geese were right in the middle of the bridge!!!

they were calm and let us stare at them

they took a little stretch...

and a little yawn

mr. squirrel followed us for a while

and peeked at us like james bond

generally a glass calm river...