Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fathers day weekend

the sun was out!
we had a laid back weekend with lots of food and sun.
on fathers day we ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i don't think we have ever done that before so that was delightful. we had a yard sale on saturday and these were by far the coolest shoppers.
we were able to be a little bit productive while we lounged outside as well. nathan drew some things for his page and i got some earrings done and listed. ugh. i have been so un-motivated to list. i have 30 pairs begging to be listed and i just can't bring myself to do it. after the yard sale was over, we hauled everything we had left to a second hand store. whew. done!

we headed out to do some shopping and enjoy more sun. we landed ourselves at TGI Friday's for lunch. we have never been there before. if you have never been there, don't. they are the home of the 'lets dip this pizza in batter and then deep fry it, then stuff a syringe in it and fill it with velveeta. seriously, don't. i played it safe and got a salad. (wrapped in a hot pocket of course)
cam and i conspired and got nathan a bad ass pair of shades with his prescription in them. poor thing is a little BlindyMcBlinderson when he has any others on. it's actually pretty amazing he has not put us in a ditch. ok, that was a little dramatic, but sometimes i wonder if he can see oncoming traffic.

hot, i know.

here are a few photo's from coronary palace.

i know what you are thinking.
"are you really going to put that broken crayon back in the cup and let some other kid play with it? it's been up her nose!"
we dipped it in ranch and ate it.


Modest Mousketeer said...

I love this post. Guy looks hot, I really hope he's happy with those babies! Your weekend actually sounds pretty darn swell and I'm sorry you didn't like TGI Friday's. I've personally always loved bread sticks wrapped in bacon, deep friend in panko, stuffed in a chicken breast with swiss cheese, baked into a pie crust with butter melted on top and served over some loaded mashed potatoes. Occasionally I'll ask for a side of mayo to dip my bites in. Mmmm, yummers!

P.S. I want you to get me one of those scooters for my birthday. I'm sure they're only like ten bucks at WalMart.