Sunday, June 8, 2008

superheroes unite!

please notice the 'rock'

it came. it rocked. it went.
just like that. after one year of planning and at least 6 months of hardcore planning the 2008 spokane comicon is over. for this year anyway. nathan and stephen keating worked into the wee hours of the night before setting up all of the 300lb cafeteria tables (that were supposed to be smaller maneuverable rectangle tables) into their place. they were given all the wrong tables, skirting and linens. they made it work. they set the room, and re set it again until it worked. and no one complained, so that was great. after a looooong night of making the room presentable we got up at the but crack of dawn and dropped nathan off to open the doors so the vendors could set up. in poured sculptures, paintings, toys, clothing and boxes and boxes of super-powered goodies. lanna and i went back home to get dressed and have a little breakfast. relax, we wore normal clothes. we arrived back at the station and helped where we could. we set up the raffle and admissions table. it started pouring outside and so did the crowd. we gave gift bags to the first 50 attendees and they were gone in about 8 minutes. there was a crowd of excited beings that waited in the lobby for the artists and vendors to finish setting up. the line was growing and we knew we had to let these people in soon or they would banish us to somewhere nerdy where they have bad hair and no earrings. i will put a link to the shutterfly album i made at the bottom. it will be of all my favorite people. yah, that pretty much means lanna. she found a rock. she found a rock and it meant business. it traveled everywhere with her that day and she left no superhero unaware that she was in possession of this rock.

"s'cuse me sir, can i show you my rock?"

"i don't believe you have seen this rock yet"

"you are not going to belive this rock!"

"i better let creamsicle take a peek in there"

then she shot him.

my husband did an amazing job. we had over 100 more people that last year, a costume contest, hourly raffles and 1.00 raffles and they were all a hit. nathan plans and organizes this thing all by himslef and i am so proud of him. he worked so hard on it and it paid off seeing all those smiles. way to go guy, i love you and you are awesome. and hot. bonus for me. i am looking forward to next year and being even bigger and better.
we went to have a little dinner tonight and there on the counter was the paper with the article in it. a little part of me wanted to point to it and say
"don't you know who we are? we're a really big deal."

rockin the dark side.

personal album

see nathan's blog for the full comicon album a little later.


Modest Mousketeer said...

You go guys! Nice work and congrats on the even bigger turnout this year! I can't wait to have time to look at the photo albums completely~

Steven said...

i want a t-shirt... you guys are awesome!! when's the next one gonna be!?! i wanna visit spokane!!!

Sidney Ann said...

Lanna is so cute! I kinda want to keep her for myself.

babyhoot. said...

Tell Lanna that her rock... well, it rocks. :)
and let Nathan know that as an event planner, I totally appreciate all the stuff he did for the event that nobody else even cares about. They aren't easy to pull off, and it looks like he ROCKED too.
you just have a rockin' family rachel!

always sunny said...

thanks guys!
it was a lot of fun.
and a lot of work.
he just booked his first artist for next year and i was like "UH HI, TAKE A WEEK OR SO DOOD"
we have a bigger room booked for next year and hope to get in maybe 10+ more tables than this year!
babyhoot, love the cape!