Saturday, June 21, 2008

a week to soak it in

i am on one week of vacation. ONE WEEK. aside from a long weekend traveling to whidbey, this is my first week long vacation since we moved here. i am am very excited about it. yesterday nathan and i had the day to ourslves. we dropped lanna of at school trying to disguise our "vacation clothes" and not the normal attire that we go to work in. you see, we get charged weather she is there or not, so it made sense that she enjoy her last say before her holiday as well. nathan and i came back home to have some coffee and breakfast. i had just sold a large order, so that took me a good hour to wrap up. a lovely miss bought her entire wedding party a pair of earrings. after wrapping those up all fancy schmancy we set off to lunch. we had a place in mind, reservations made, and then we changed our mind. damn olive garden. you wave 'all you can eat salad' at me and watch me squirm. so there were were, margarita and salad at 11:59 am. yes, we waited to take a sip until it hit 12noon because, well...i don't just felt wrong. we had an appetizer, then the salad started to roll in. heaven. then my favorite soup. ooooh it was soooo good. we then went to go see the incredible hulk. it was awesome. i get to see a movie with nathan maybe once a year.
after that we did a few errands and it was time to pick up the lady. we missed her. it was nice to be out together but halfway through the day we start to miss her company. after we picked her up we ran back to 'northwest seed and pet' where i got a few more packs of lettuce and lanna visited the animals. they have the cutest animals there. not the usual kittens and puppies, they have a bit more unusual selection. they are like a small cenex. plant supplies, pet supplies and pets. they had 15 bright yellow baby chicks- and come on, what is cuter than that? there was 6 baby gosling's and a dozen or so different bunny rabbits. lanna befriended the pot belly pig and the turkey. when we left she says "i really liked that turkey, he was nice...we DON'T eat turkeys OK?...." and then waited for our response. "OK?!!!" "OK" we responded to just being lectured by the newest representative of PETA. she says "it's ok to eat turkeys if you live in a smelly barn, but never in your house." ok, well now i am confused by that reasoning, but i let it go.

we have guests arriving tomorrow. laura and adam. adam is a cop and will be stationed here for a week long training at SCC and we get 'doot' (laura) for the whole week. i am pretty excited. she is a very low maintenance guest and we always have a wonderful time just hanging. we both love it hot hot hot and love all the same foods, ect. we have different personalities but our interests match almost 100% and that is so much fun. she loves the mariners -so she can hang with the guys and she loves to make things so that works well for me. we coudl be happy if everything we ate contained avocado and lime. we also like to do nothing and just sit int he sun. we will have a low key fun filled week that is promising 80 degrees everyday for the next 2 weeks. photo's to follow. yay holiday!!!!